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Best Long Range Quadcopters


 Best Long Range Quadcopters

When someone’s looking for a drone they want different things for their aircraft. But no matter what’s your priority list, having a long-range must in everyone’s top 5. Because what’s the purpose of having a drone if you can’t take photos with them from a long-range. Also, it’s way more safe to have a drone with long-range because some of the drones simply fall down when they lose signal, and they crash it. Nowadays most of the drone is built with safety features that won’t let them fly out of their range, but still, it’s a nice thing to have a longer range than the average. It’s very useful if you go on a trip, at an event. You can get footage from everything without moving even a bit. In today’s article, we will list you the best long range quadcopters in both expensive and cheap category. Stay tuned.

DJI Mavic Pro 2

This is one of the DJI’s greatest creations. It does not just look great with its super practical foldable design but it’s also capable of doing a lot of things. The manufacturers really gave their effort when they made this drone.

DJI Mavic Pro 2 Best Long Range Quadcopters

With its 20MP camera that is able to shoot videos in 4K, this drone. The Mavic 2 Pro has 8GB of internal storage built-in and can support SD memory up to 128GB. Not to mention the FPV capability. That’s why this drone is the nr. 1 option for a lot of filmmakers, even a lot of famous blogger on the YouTube platform uses this drone. That’s because it can capture some of the best aerial images and videos that a drone can make. It also comes with automatic collision-avoidance protection so it’s really hard to crash it.

The aircraft is capable of a 31-minute long flight time, which is just an incredible and unique time. It can reach speeds of up to 70 for high-speed pans and chase scenes so you can even capture a moving object on sports events or a car.

And if this whole article is about distance, let’s talk about that too because this drone has some amazing range. The drone can fly as far as 8km, this means you needn’t worry about losing signal due to control distance issues.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Another masterpiece from DJI. This bad boy is one of the most technologically advanced drones manufactured so far, and it’s another favorite among the professionals. Let’s see why.

First of all, it takes 20 megapixel still and sharp photos and shoots videos in 4K resolution. All that with an enormous 7km range. Flying the Phantom 4 it’s a great an outstanding experience. The drone automatically avoids every obstacle that gets in his way, this can be large buildings and small trees as well. You can either select this way on your phone if you know where you want your drone or just control it with the RC. After you got at your destination the drone will come to you with just pressing a button, avoiding every single object.

The P4 Pro’s 30-minute flight time is another huge benefit of the long flight sessions. This gives you enough time to get all the shots you need before landing safely. If you’re on a long shoot, just bring a couple of extra batteries you’ll be good to go as you need.

The only contradictory thing about the drone is its size. It’s really difficult to transport, not like the Mavic 2 Pro which you just fold it and put it in your pocket. So if you’re planning to travel with this drone, I’d highly advise you buying a carrying case.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

This drone isn’t as popular as the ones from DJI but it’s a good drone that deserves to be on this list. At $1,500, the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with RealSense is something that has to be remarked. It’s also a fairly delicate and powerful instrument and absolutely not a toy for beginners. It has a brushless motor that gives him an absolute speed. But not only does it come equipped with an impressive 1.8 Km range. But it also takes videos and images with his 12 MP camera in an amazing 4K quality. Making this a must-have for professional aerial photographers and filmmakers. The camera is also built with a CGO3+ gimbal that makes all the photos still and clears.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

The Typhoon H Pro is also a great friend with technology because it can be used with a smart device, with which you can control it or capture the videos in live transmission. The drone is also gifted with a ton of intelligent flight options like Orbit Mode, Point of Interest, Journey Mode, Curve Cable Cam, Auto Takeoff, Auto Land, Auto Return to Home, and more. If your something of a professional using these features can be a big help for you. 

 Hubsan H501S

This is drone is also a lower quality drone which you can get it cheaper than the others. But I thought it deserves his place among the others because some of you guys don’t desire an expensive drone. Just a cheap one to have fun with. So the Hubsan came out with this amazing quadcopter that you can get under 300$. And why I say it’s amazing? You’ll find out.

First of all, this is the only drone that I know to be under 300$ and to have Follow me mode. Which is just a great flight option and you can achieve amazing footage with it. And talking about intelligent flight modes the drone is also capable of Returning Home automatically whenever you press the button for this mode and when the battery is low.

Now the camera. The camera of the drone is capable of recording in 1080p. Which should be really enough for you if you’re not a professional. 

The drone can fly far as 300m, which may be one of the lowest on this list, but as I told you before this is the cheapest one out there. And for a price like that, it’s really impressive. Also, it’s able to fly for 19 minutes which can be double for others in that quality and price range.

Parrot Anafi

This is another “no-name” drone made after the DJI Mavic, but it’s able to do amazing things for a cheaper price. You can get for actually under $500, therefore, it’s a pretty affordable drone. With a very high-quality build, awesome capture and zoom features and overall very capable camera. There’s nothing to fear about the quality of the images when we talk about this specific drone, it’s able to take 16 or 21 mp photos in RAW format while also capable of shooting 4k super stable and sharp video.

Parrot Anafi long range

Another reason why this drone is so good is due to the fact that the camera can turn 90 degrees above to take absolutely original shots that only very few drone is capable of.

The biggest advantage on the side of the DJI Mavic Pro is the presence of the optical sensors in the front to avoid obstacles. But it still has the optical stabilization at the bottom that helps it more at landings and flies more stable.

Xiaomi Fimi x8

At the end of this decade, Xiaomi crawl somewhere on the top around each and every mountain that has to do with technology. They have great phones, scooters, lights, etc. But if you haven’t known yet they are present on the drone mountain as well. The drone and controller are both very well made, and the app works just fine as well. But we are used to this from Xiaomi. Talking about the design, although it may look like it has optical flow sensors in the front, it, in fact, it doesn’t. Also, the gimbal doesn’t have any ground clearance, so when you want to launch it you have to make sure you do that from a flat surface. But it has an optical flow sensor underneath to better hold its position in the air. If you look at it a long time the drone starts to look pretty much like a stormtrooper from Star Wars.

Talking about the camera, this drone is capable of capturing in 2.7k in 60p, which is very useful because most of the vloggers use this format because working with 4k can be quite difficult. 

When it comes to the range because after all this article is all about that, the drone can fly as far as 5km, which is pretty impressionable.  He is also able to fly up to 30 minutes with the batteries fully charged.  

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