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HolyBro Kopis CineWhoop Quadcopter

HolyBro Kopis CineWhoop Quadcopter

HolyBro Kopis CineWhoop Quadcopter

When people hear the word “drone” they usually imagine a big drone with a camera and everything. But nowadays the word drone is something like an umbrella term. There are plenty of drones, and each of them is different from different pros, and cons. So it’s really up to you what kind of drone you want. Today I will talk about a Cinewhoop drone which is an awesome style of drone that can capture crisp HD footage that a machine like the DJI Mavic 2 just wouldn’t be capable of producing. They are small, stable, easy to control, transport and safer than your typical FPV drone. With them, you can capture some pretty amazing cinematic footage.


  • Frame:3mm 3k carbon fiber 
  • Flight Controller: Kakute F7 HDV
  • ESC: Tekko32 F3 4in1 45A mini ESC 
  • VTx: DJI FPV Air Unit 
  • Motor:F1507 KV3800 
  • Propeller:T3140
  • Buzzer included. 
  • Battery plug: XT60 
  • Dimensions:178x205x40mm 
  • Wheelbase: 148.6mm 
  • Weight:274g(included DJI air unit) 
  • Recommend battery: 650mah~1300mah 4s 

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Kopis CineWhoop FPV racing drone 
  • DJI FPV Air Unit(Optional) 
  • 4x T3140 Propeller
  • 1x Carrying case 
  • 1x Battery strap(installed)

Build and design

All the drone is built on a carbon fiber made base. On that You will find the drone’s body, the battery isn’t going in the drone. You have a strap on the drone where the battery should go, and then you have to plug in a cable coming out of the drone. Each of the propellers has its own guard which not only guards the propellers but the body too. The guards were made in such an aerodynamic way that they don’t hold back the drone from achieving his full speed.


It’s just optional to buy with the DJI FPV Air Unit but you should definitely go with it. It gives the drone a way better value and also gives you more fun. The DJI FPV Air Unit is an advanced video transmission module that supports a 5.8GHz digital video signal and 720p 120fps image transmission, with a transmission range of up to 4 km and a minimum end-to-end latency within 28 ms. In order to activate it, you have to power on the drone, connect the air unit to your computer and run DJI ASSISTANT 2 for activation. Due to its FPV capability, you can use your headset to this drone, and you will get a clear transmission. Also, the camera angle can be adjusted so you will get an exact view of anything you might want to see through the camera.


Although your drone comes from the factory completely ready to fly physically, you still need to install the Betaflight configurator on your computer so that you can make sure your transmitter is working correctly and exactly as you wish. If you purchased the Plug-N-Fly version of the drone, you may need to use a configurator to bind your receiver.

In order to connect to your HolyBro KOPIS, you must get the Betaflight drivers already installed on your computer.  You do not need to perform this step. You may skip directly to “Installing Betaflight Configurator”. If you are on Windows, you must install the drivers manually. This is a place where beginners often struggle. We’re going to present the steps here, and if you can follow them, then great, but many people won’t be able to follow them. If you need a more personal approach, here is a link to a video that walks you through the process in more detail.


The HolyBro Kopis CineWhoop it’s a small but efficient quadcopter. A perfect gift for anyone, even yourself. With a pair of goggles and a transmitter, it will give a lot of joy. Also, it’s a reliable little aircraft that will be in good condition for a long time.

If you’re interested, you can buy it from Geekbuying and Pyrodrone.



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