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LDARC DJ220/DJ220-Digital FPV Quadcopter

LDARC DJ220/DJ220-Digital FPV Quadcopter

LDARC DJ220/DJ220-Digital FPV Quadcopter

The year 2020 marks the “birth” of a lot of new drones. Manufacturers waited just for this year to release all their brand new quadcopters. And the LDARC company did the same with the DJ220/DJ220 quads. They are small 5inch quads designed for racing. The PNP version comes without an FPV supply and radio receiver. While the DJ220-Digital and DJ220-4K are equipped with a camera and video transmitter for better racing experience. The digital edition has onboard DJI FPV Air Unit and the 4K version has a 4K RunCam camera and up to 600mW VTX.

LDARC DJ220/DJ220-Digital FPV Quadcopter Specs


  • Wheelbase: 219mm
  • DJ220-Digital: DJI FPV Digital+Camera
  • DJ220: NO CAM+VTX
  • Motor: XT2306-2500KV
  • Prop: 51499-3blade
  • Recommend battery: 14.8V 1300-1800mAh
  • Receiver: DJ220-Digital(Include DJI RX, it can able to use DJI transmitter) 
  • Drone weight:
    • 369.1g(DJ220-Digital)
    • 316.7g(DJ220)
  • Package size: 275x205x90mm
  • Package weight:
    • 842g(DJ220-Digital)
    • 765g(DJ220)
  • Plate thickness:
    • top plate 2.5mm; bottom plate 2.5mm.
    • arm frame 5mm; bottom plate 3mm.
  • Camera angle:15-50
  • Mounting size: Flytower 30.5×30.5mm,

Design and build

All versions of LDARC DJ220 have the same 219mm size carbon fiber frame with a 7075 aluminum alloy camera mount. This material is really resistant so it will survive all minor crashes. At the end of the 5mm arms, there are some powerful XT2306-2500K brushless motors matched with a 5″ 3-leaf propeller. The drone has a nice black-blue color option which gives the drone a nice and stylish look. On the rear of the drone, there are 12 pieces of an LED status strip with a buzzer.

LDARC DJ220 and DJ220-Digital

Why would you buy a cinewhoop?

First of all, this is a cinewhoop drone like the HolyBro Kopis. They are small, stable and safer drones. You can capture some pretty amazing cinematic and crisp footage with them. Another good part about them is the fact that most of them can support a GoPro or other action camera, therefore you will have the same resolution on all of your photos and videos. But in that case, you won’t be able to use the FPV headset.

But that’s not all, with the cinewhoops you can compete in various drone races. With the evolution of the drones, another sport came on the surface, which is drone racing. The courses are full of obstacles so you have to be the fastest and the most skillful as well. Also, their pilots should be very trained. They follow their drone via an FPV headset because it would be hard to follow your small drone among the others. Therefore you compete as you were on the drone all through a First Person View headset.

LDARC DJ220 Building Parts

And last but not least it’s a great and complex hoppy. You might ask why would it be such a great hobby? First, there are cinewhoops that you can assemble yourself, or maybe even customize it. Because no matter how old we are we still love to assemble all kinds of things, only instead of Legos we play with drones. Also, they ale collectible, the best benefit about these things is the small price which makes is available to collect them


The LDARC DJ220/DJ220-Digital FPV is a great quadcopter both for flying and creating amazing footage. With its powerful motors and nicely built you will be able to achieve amazing speeds with this thing, all that with a maneuverable and responsive controller. And with the 4K camera, you will be able to make crystal clear and crisp photos and videos. So if you just found out that you’re into these cinewhoops you achieve yours on Banggood.

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