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DJI Phantom 5 Rumors

DJI Phantom 5 Rumors

DJI Phantom 5 Rumors

If we jump back a bit in time DJI announced that something will happen on April 23, 2017, under the name of “Create your legacy”. Fans all over the world thought that this will be the big release for the Phantom 5. And the DJI Phantom 5 Rumors just became more realistic because everyone made all kinds of photoshopped fan arts. Everybody was excited but when the date arrived and they found out that there won’t be any Phantom 5 yet. So everyone got a bit upset.

Then time passed by and after a year DJI announced another big event called “Because life is big” on November 28, 2018. And once again everyone was really hyped because the title suggested that maybe this is the big day for the Phantom 5. All the creators posted again their old photo photoshopped arts with little changes and everybody just waited. Then when the date came they announced the DJI Osmo Pocket, but there was no Phantom 5. So you might wanna ask yourself if you should wait for the Phantom 5 after all these failures or we just might say what Hawkeye said in the Avengers “Don’t give me hope”?

In this article, we want to figure out what the Phantom 5 would look like, or more exactly what would want the world to upgrade on the Phantom 4. Also, we will see if there are any possible signs for the real release of a Phantom 5?

What do we know about the Phantom 5?

We really don’t know so much about releasing the P5 (Phantom 5), but we know one thing that might tell us a few things. First, the person who was the product manager for the P5 resigned last year for another project. We don’t know for sure which was that or whether or not he was redesigned for the P5. Initially, we were told that the Phantom 5 will have 2 options. And the prototypes have come out just as we wanted. The middle price for these two would be somewhere near 1.800-2,000$. But if anything was so great why would they stop the project to start a new one? Maybe something doesn’t work as planned, or the technology wasn’t so advanced that it would be worth releasing a new one? We don’t know, but the project was canceled for sure.

Possible new builds

The possible dimensions could be something like 16”x8.6”x12.6”, which isn’t too much of a change from the P4. This only if they want to stay with the regular design of the previous Phantom. A really cool thing would be if the P5 would have a waterproof shell. This isn’t a new thing at all because the PowerEgg X already does this. But it would be a really great thing if they give the drone with this option. Of course, this means that they have to deal with the ventilation as well. But with a research and engineering team like the DJI has it shouldn’t be a problem for them.

DJI Phantom 5 New Rumors

Another thing that is open for improvement is a 6-way obstacle avoidance with a further distance than the Phantom 4 has. Which means that the drone would have a 360-degree obstacle avoidance. Besides this, there are things that always bring joy if they are improved. These are things like battery life, which means we would need a new battery, something that can last for around 30 minutes.

But in that case, the charging time would be increased as well, which is a minus for the company. Other aspects that could be improved are the range (yes, we talk about hitting the big 5 miles), speed and a new case would be nice too. Also, with the trend of foldable drones, the P5 could really be foldable, at least the bumpers, they take up a lot of useless space in the case or in your car. So if the legs and the gimbal were foldable somehow you would have the option to have a flat drone, which would be great for transport.

And of course, there are the flight features like the TapFly, Orbit mode, Follow me, etc. There are all great things but they are a little bit boring. And from a company like DJI, we could really wait for something revolutionary. Besides that, there were rumors that the manufacturers took out the sport mode to give the drone an additional 10 minutes of flight time.

Possible new optics

Another change that everyone would like is an even better camera. This means that DJI should put a camera on their drones which has a better resolution on still photos. Or maybe even a higher frame rate, like a 120 FPS for the 4K. Another possibility that has been rumored among the fans is the changeable lens for the camera. This is just one option. There is the option to put an 8K camera on the drone. There are drones on the market that already can do that. But, we’re not sure if the world is prepared for such a great resolution.

I mean we would be hyped for something like this of course, but like “great power comes with great responsibility”, great resolution comes with great PC. Because you will need a really massive computer to process and edit the data that you have from an 8K camera. Also, it’s worthless mentioning that it takes up more space, and some of the people can’t even play 8K videos on their screen, no matter if it’s a PC, mobile or TV. So maybe DJI waits for a general advance in technology, who knows? It would be a strategic move from them.

DJI Phantom 5

Should you wait for the P5 or is it too good to be true?

I’m not denying the rumors that somewhere near in the future there will be a DJI Phantom 5. I don’t know if it will match my prediction or the rumors but it will be great for sure. However, I still advise you to just go with the flow. If you want to buy a great drone you can already do that. Let the big companies and popular YouTubers buy the Phantom 5.

No matter how good the P5 will be, that little DJI mark on the drone will surely add an additional price on the drone. This is understandable because companies like DJI have to make a profit out of something. But maybe you can’t afford the name, which is okay. So take the time and do research on your own. You will surely find a drone that will match your expectations and will be more kind to your wallet.

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