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Creality Searcher 01 3D Printed Quadcopter

Creality Searcher 01 3D Printed Quadcopter

Creality Searcher 01 3D Printed Quadcopter

The Creality Searcher 01 3D Printed Quadcopter is a DIY a.k.a. Do it yourself drone. This means you will only get the main essential parts, but you have to provide the body yourself with a 3D printer, and of course, the assembly is up to you as well. You may have seen other DIY drones on this site like the FlexBot, but this one is better than any other drone-related offer. The idea of making this drone has educational purposes because the manufacturers thought that students can learn a lot of practical things by assembling their own drones. But you will have the opportunity to read more about this later in the article.

Benefits of DIY

Completing a DIY project no matter what is that, a drone or a house project, it gives you one of the most satisfying feelings anyone can have. Which is using your own creation, it might be small, and not that good, but it’s yours. Also, it can give you the opportunity of having a hobby, which is a great thing. When you do what you love, no matter if it’s paid or not can lead you to a more fulfilled life.

Secondly, you will learn amazing and useful things. Maybe you work all day long in an office, and you have no clue how some tools, like a drilling machine, works. But sooner or later you will need to use them in your home. It might be because something has broken, or you just have to mount something. So it’s better to learn to use tools while you’re young.


  • Color: Depending on the filament you choose
  • Battery: 7.4 V 2000 mAh
  • Battery runtime: 10 minutes (after 3 hours charging)
  • Charging: USB
  • Fly distance: 50 meters
  • Aerial shooting: 2 million pixels WiFi camera
  • Storage: Cell phone
  • Controller batteries: 4x AA batteries

The kit

When you purchase The Creality Searcher 01 you only get a  DIY assembly kit that contains only the essential parts like the motor, camera, propellers, etc. . Therefore before assembling the drone,  you need to 3D print the main body first. You can customize your drone as you wish by choosing your preferred filament and color to print the drone’s arms. You also get a step-by-step tutorial provided so you don’t run into any unexpected problems. That will make the process easy and fun. 


The Creality Searcher 01 drone is originally a STEAM-based project. This project was meant to be for students and makers older than 14 to improve their abilities by creating something on their own. The manufacturer claims to build the DIY drone in class lets teens gain interest in solving real problems while they are having fun, instead of solving only mathematical problems. On the other side, teachers can break down the process to subjects, and difficulty levels so each of the participants can find the best way to assemble the drone. 

Drones are really complex devices that require knowledge from more subjects. For example, you will need mathematical subjects for geometry, functions, and vectors,  which are all parts of drones. Secondly, you will need physics-based topics as well for drones such as electromechanics, aerodynamics, and gravity can all be covered in some way while building and flying a drone. On top, students can learn about new technologies such as Bluetooth, telemetry, or how a lithium battery works, things that they will meet more and more during life. 

Creality Searcher 3D Printed Quadcopter


The manufacturers taught that the drone will be fun only if it’s got a camera as well, and they’ve thought well. Therefore provided even a camera in a kit. Not just any camera, but a 1080p one, which is really good. There are other drones on the market that are only 480p ones, with a camera like that you can’t really do much, but with a 1080p one, you can make decent photos and videos. Of course, the FPV and the quality won’t be the best, but it’s a nice gesture from them. This way the student and other buyers can really taste how it feels to use a real camera drone.

Flight experience

The drone was meant to be easy to operate because it’s main users will be children. First of all, the drone will be able to fly only at a low speed. Second of all, it has to be built with useful flight modes and operations. One of them is the headless mode that provides for the users to control the drone regardless of the orientation of the device. Most teens won’t be able to carry out all kinds of maneuvers, but this feature will help them as much as possible.

Another feature that the drone will be able is the one key return, and landing options so when the battery won’t last much longer they could bring back the drone to them easily. And last but not least there is a hover mode too on the drone, that will ensure that the drone will stay in the air even the pilot don’t have his hand on the controller, which a very useful thing, especially when user wants to take a picture, it can concentrate to only one thing at a time.


The Creality Searcher 3D Printed Quadcopter is not the best gadget for someone who wants to make cinematic videos. But that’s not his purpose so it’s okay. No matter what kind of drone user you are, or whether or not you used a drone before. You will surely enjoy putting together a drone, or any DIY project. But besides that this won’t be a professional drone, it can do pretty much, like altitude hold and other features that make the controlling more easier. Also, it has a great camera, which could be for your benefit.

Therefore if you have some extra time, or you just want to find a new hobby, maybe this drone project is your answer. If you’re passionate about gadgets or anything that involves tech you will surely enjoy assembling this drone.

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