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Sony Airpeak Drone Release Date, Price, and News


Sony Airpeak Drone Release Date, Price, and News

After big tech companies like DJI, Xiaomi, and others, Sony decided to join the drone makers team. They want to make their debut in the form of the Sony Airpeak drone. Sony giving us our first Sony Airpeak Drone News at CES 2021. 

They have shown a short demo video that unequivocally addressed our principle question about Sony Airpeak. What sort of drone will it be? With its somewhat startling wingspan, clever retractable landing stuff, and top-of-the-line Sony Alpha payload. There’s no uncertainty that this will (for the present) be a drone for professional cinematographers. Most of us thought that it will be a competitor for the DJI Mavic Air 2. But they decided to make an enterprise drone, not a consumer one. 

Price and release date 

At CES 2021, Sony affirmed the Airpeak release date that is referenced in its first authority declaration back in November 2020. In a short explanation, it said that Sony will dispatch another business-focused for professional photography and video creation in the spring of 2021. For overall perusers, that implies we ought to get more information in March or April 2021. 

Curiously, Sony alludes to Airpeak as a “project” and “new business”, as opposed to an independent item. So it’s positively conceivable. The drone that appeared in the CES 2021 demo will be the first of multiple Airpeak drones. Before, Sony has given ‘project’ status to new stages that gradually form into completely fledged items. For instance, Sony’s Project Morpheus declaration in 2014 was an early model framework for what at last became PlayStation VR two years after the fact. 


Sony Airpeak is another division, obviously, and it seems that is fully complete. Yet, it’s probably going to be the beginning of a major new sub-brand that could eventually be home to a few drones. 

Until now, Sony hasn’t given any detail about its price, so it’s hard to guess its concrete price. If we look at the DJI Inspire 2, we can see that is accessible in different groups. Contingent upon which of its Zenmuse camera modules you go for. What’s more, It’s not yet certain whether Sony will sell the Airpeak drone packaged with an Alpha camera like the Sony A7S III or A9 II. 

Yet, even without a camera, the DJI Inspire 2 begins at $3,299/£3,059/AU$4,699. That is an overall thought of how much this degree of expert drone costs.

Rumored features

Up until now, Sony has kept their secrets about the Airpeak drone project pretty well. The only thing we knew so far is the Airpeak page along with a teaser video that appeared at CES 2021. 

On November 9, 2020, Sony said that it had launched another task for drones in the field of AI advanced mechanics. That Airpeak will uphold the innovativeness of video-makers to the furthest reaches conceivable, meaning to add further improvement of media outlets. Just as to improved proficiency and investment funds in different ventures. 

Sony at that point followed this up at CES 2021 with this somewhat more exact declaration: As the main period of this undertaking, Sony will launch another business-focused for professional photography and videography in the spring of 2021. 


Regardless of its size, Sony says that Airpeak is the smallest class of drones that can be outfitted with the Alpha framework. It plans to add value for the entertainment and creative prospects. 

In the early pictures and trailer, we can see that the drone is made with two obstacle sensors. It also has a stock camera above that. And this may the field where the AI comes in, but we don’t know entirely sure how. The other competitors like the DJI Inspire 2 can identify and fly around hindrances utilizing infrared sensors. They can also utilize progressed visual following calculations to bolt onto subjects. Sony Alpha cameras have some of the best technologies in this. But it will be fascinating to see how well they implement this in the drone control system.

As for the gimbal, we can see how the frame will be, but it’s is still uncertain which cameras can hold it.

What the future holds? 

The appearance of such a top-of-the-line proficient drone would seem to run before trusts. That we may see Airpeak rival a portion of DJI’s famous buyer drones, similar to the DJI Mavic Air 2. However, there was a little promise of something better for specialists . 

Could we, at least, see a Sony drone that might be compared to a Sony RX100 VII? We’d love to see it, however for now it looks almost impossible. All things considered, Sony has given us a brief look at what that idea could like. Obviously, licenses don’t really prompt end results – truth be told, as a rule, they remain wireframe ideas. However, we know now that sony is thinking about more consumer-type drones as well, not only for enterprises.

Sony Alpha Rumors back in 2018 got the main patent. This indicated a collapsing plan where the rotors all crease into a square holder, which is fronted by a touchscreen regulator. The thought is that you can disengage the touchscreen holder to fly the drone.


This is all that we know for now. But as soon as we got certain pieces of information about the specs and pricing of the drone we will come back with a more detailed review.

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