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URUAV UZ80: DIY micro Toothpick style FPV drone


The URUAV UZ80 is a reasonable DIY FPV toothpick drone. The pack incorporates every one of the frills you need to fabricate your miniature hustling quadcopter. Every one of the electronic parts accompanies connectors so no patching required. 

Toothpick drones are usually small DIY drones that are small and agile drones. We’ve presented a lot of toothpick-style drones on this page, like the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro.

The unibody outline has an 80mm wheelbase. Every one of the electronic parts including the Runcam Nano 3 FPV camera. Weighs around 20 grams completely gathered yet without a battery. As indicated by the publicized specs with a 250mm battery you can have around 3-4 minutes flight time and with a 650mAh one, as long as 9 minutes recess. 


  • Easy to build DIY micro FPV drone kit (no soldering required);
  • Toothpick stye 80mm carbon fiber frame with nylon protective canopy;
  • Weighs only 19.5 grams without a battery;
  • CRAZY BEE F4 Lite AIO flight controller w/ integrated 5A ESC, Frsky\FlySky receiver, and 5.8GHz 25mW VTX;
  • 0802 19000KV brushless motors with HQProp 40mm 2-Blade propellers;
  • Runcam Nano 3 FPV camera;
  • 1S battery compatible (~ 9min flight time with 650mAh battery).

Design and build

The most important thing about the drone is the fact that it is an FYI drone. All the parts will come in the package but you will have to assemble them yourself. There is nothing hard when assembling the drone, everyone who buys it can easily manage the process. So what you will get is only a KIT. This is better for those who have more small drones and eventually you can change the parts between them.

As we mentioned, the drone is a small drone with a weight of only 19.5 grams (without the battery). Unfortunately, there is no battery included in the package, so with the battery, the drone should weigh around 30 grams. Wich is still under the 250 grams which above you have to make an FAA registration. 

The motors shipped with the drone are a 19000 KV engine. With the small weight of the drone, the drone doesn’t even need a bigger engine. The engine and the drone’s body are the perfect combinations. It’s very agile and turns quickly. Which is very advised when it comes to a small drone. The drone’s speed is around 11mph.

Battery and remote controller

As we said, there is no battery nor remote controller included in the package. But there is a plug for the battery, and you can connect any 1S battery. To get an idea about how long a battery will last, with a 600 mAh battery the drone can fly around 4-5 minutes. 

Also, there is no remote controller provided with this drone, like they usually do for other consumer drones. The drone is shipped with a Frisky receiver and you can control it with any controller that is compatible with it.

Camera and FPV

The drone comes with a Runcam Nano 3 FPV camera which is a low-quality camera that has an FPV feature. You won’t be able to record footage with it, but at least you can follow the drone with the FPV. On the FPV you will be able to see different telemetry information regarding the state of the drone.


The drone is a small drone, however, it was made for drone veterans or collectors. I say this because there is no battery or controller included in the package. So you should have this thing prior to buying the drone. And to buy these things just for one drone is not worth it. Even though it cost only $99. The drone also has no practical way to use it, the only thing you can do with it is to fly it and do small tricks with it. 

If you’re interested in the URUAV UZ80 micro FPV drone you can buy it from Banggood.

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