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ATTOP Wolvy Drone

ATTOP Wolvy Drone
ATTOP Wolvy Drone from the front

ATTOP was mostly known for their toy grade drones, but once they came forward with the ATTOP Wolvy Drone, things changed. It was their first model that had the characteristics of a more ”serious” drone, which is GPS enabled, equipped with a camera, and even a gimbal. If you are curious about what other features it includes, you will find them below.

Wheelbase18.7 cm
Weight250 grams
Battery3.7V 500mAh Lithium Ion
Charging time70 minutes
Flight time5 minutes

Wolvy: Design

As a first impression, we must admit that the Wolvy looks impressive. Its sleek and black design gives off a professional vibe and even makes it trustworthy. The long landing legs protect not only the drone in case of a harsher impact with the ground, but also the attached camera. One downside is that it is made from plastic, a material that is not very resistant if a crash occurs.

A helpful design feature is that there are numerous LED lights, one under each motor, plus a frontal one. They help with both identification during the nighttime, and determining the orientation of the quadcopter.

Wolvy: Camera

Just like we stated in the beginning the Wolvy model also features a camera. It is a 1080p HD one, and its angle can also be adjusted remotely. Therefore, you can change the field of view, from straight ahead to ground view, by just using a command on the remote controller. This is a great way if you want to inspect wide areas, or even to create some interesting videos. The presence of the camera also means that you have FPV possibilities, considering the fact that the range in this case is approximately 200 meters. With 2.4G real-time image transmission, the fun is promised. If every once in a while you only want to enjoy the flying capabilities of the Wolvy, you can easily remove the camera, and therefore some extra weight, making the quadcopter fly even more effortlessly. With the strong 2205 2050KV brushless motors, you will easily zip through the sky.

Wolvy: Remote controller

Together with the Wolvy, you also have a nice dual antenna remote controller. While in the FPV mode the transmission range is 200 meters, normally it can go up to 500 meters. To use the controller, all you need to do is make sure that the built in 3.7V 1500mAh battery is always charged and ready to go. The controls are also very easy to use and understand. On the front, besides the usual control sticks for the throttle and direction, you find only two more buttons: the upper one for the One Key Return function, and the lower one for power. On the back, you can notice that there are two more buttons, which are dedicated to camera purposes only. One is used for photos and one for videos. Also, the right shoulder buttons enable Follow me and Circle hovering modes, while the left ones are designated to control the flight speed rates and to enable or disable the GPS mode.

Wolvy: Flight modes

As you might have already been able to tell from the description of the remote controller, the Wolvy also has a number of flight modes available. They not only make the experience more fun that it already is, but it also makes it safer. This way, you will not have to worry as much about losing your drone.

Follow me

This one is great for adventure seekers. Once you activate it, the drone will follow you constantly, wherever you go, maintaining a decent distance. Just think about what great videos you will be able to make with this!

Circle hovering

A great way to learn which angles are best when you can not decide how to capture a certain element. By choosing a desired area or object, the Wolvy will circle it automatically, making it possible for you to only be concerned about the camera.

One key return

This is one of the safety features that will make sure that the Wolvy will remain in your position for as long as possible. In case the drone runs out of battery, or it loses contact with the remote controller, it will know to return to its original take off point. No accidents required!

The package of the ATTOP Wolvy includes:

  • The quadcopter itself
  • Transmitter
  • USB charging cable
  • Phone clip (for the remote controller)
  • 4 propellers
  • 4 propeller guards
  • 2 tripods
  • Screwdriver
  • User manual

In conclusion, if you have been looking for a great drone that matches its price, you should definitely check out the Wolvy. It can be a good option for both beginners and intermediates, as it includes safety and fun features, making it easy to enjoy. If you think this model can be a good fit for you, you can find it on Amazon for a great offer. Make sure you do not miss out on it!

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