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BetaFPV Pavo30 3″ CineWhoop Review

BetaFPV Pavo30 3

We’ve reviewed a ton of FPV drones on our site over the most recent couple of years. And the list goes on with the fresh new BetaFPV Pavo30 review with everything you need to know about this drone.

Set up in February 2017, BetaFPV is a generally new quadcopter brand. They center around making FPV drones and parts with prevalent quality by assisting more individuals with getting FPV interest. The Pavo30 is the immediate replacement of the 95X V3 Pavo30. It receives a similar build but in a bigger size  (95mm versus 118mm). So it’s like a bigger version of the old BetaFPV Pavo 30.

Like the old version, the new BetaFPV Pavo30 is accessible with two FPV frameworks (simple and HD computerized). Other than the camera and VTX distinction, these two variants receive a different impetus framework as well (1505-3400KV engine + HQ75 5-cutting edge prop versus 1506-3000KV engine + Gemfan D76 5-Blade prop). 


  • Drone: Pavo30 Whoop Quadcopter
  • Weight: 145g (without battery) 173g (without battery)
  • Wheelbase: 118mm 
  • FC: F722 AIO 35A FC 
  • Frame: Pavo30 Frame Kit
  • Motor: 1506- 3000KV motor
  • Propeller: Gemfan D76 5-Blade props with 5mm shaft hole
  • Receiver Option: Frsky FCC/PNP/TBS/
  • FPV Camera: Nebula Nano camera
  • FPV Camera Tilt Degree: 0°- 60°
  • VTX: VISTA HD Digital VTX
  • Camera Mount: SMO 4K camera Mount 
  • SMO 4K Tilt Degree: 5°- 45° 
  • Battery Recommended: 750mAh 4S battery /850mAh 4S battery (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Charge Connector: XT30
  • Flight time: About 6-8 minutes  

What’s in the box? 

Pavo30 Whoop Quadcopter (HD Digital VTX)

Gemfan D76 5-Blade props(2CW+2CCW)

20mm FPV Camera Mount

USB Adapter Board for FC

Adapter Cable for Customized Naked Camera

(This is for the HD Digital VTX version)

Design and build 

The Pano30 receives a ‘Pusher Whoop’ plan with duct blade defenders and modified engines. The most apparent distinction between the PAVO30’s plan and its archetypes is the shortfall of the red froth cushioning. 

Pavo30’s casing is produced using sturdy PA12 plastic. The internal carbon fiber support that gives extra reinforces is scarcely apparent. 

Without an extra camera on top, its maximum stature is simply 46.8mm. In the event that you have what it takes, you can even fly it under a left vehicle. It measures 174x174mm with a 118mm wheelbase (askew engine distance). Out of the case weighs only 146 grams (without battery). Focusing on the drone’s gravity gives additional mobility. 

By definition, CineWhoops are intended to be introduced with an extra UHD camera. For this reason, the Pavo30 has in front a committed mount with 3 enemies of vibration damping balls. Additionally, it accompanies a pre-patched SMO 4K camera power link. On account of utilizing a Naked GoPro, there is a connector link included too. The top plate has against slip elastic cushioning for battery establishment. 

The radio recipient has its own compartment on the back, with a small window for the limiting catch. Every one of the wires is very much directed, with nothing left free. Pavo 30 likewise conceals the receiving wires inside the casing, giving a very perfect appearance.


BetaFPV offers the Pavo 30 CineWhoop with two kinds of FPV rigs. In the examination, the simple release is furnished with a little Caddix ANT Nano camera and M02 5.8GHz VTX, the HD computerized variant with Nebula Nano camera, and VISTA HD Digital VTX. The simple PAVO30 is around 30 grams lighter than the advanced one, which is about the heaviness of an SMO 4K camera. 

What I miss from the simple arrangement is the installed recording. Possibly a Caddx Tarsier 4K camera would have been a superior decision. The MC02 VTX highlights SmartAudio and up to 350mW transmission power. As per BetaFPV, you can get up to 600 meters of FPV range at the most powerful rate.


I tried it with all my XT30 batteries that permitted holding the take-off poundage under 055lbs. Utilizing a 4s/650mAh battery loads 232 grams, separately 246 grams with a 4S/850mAh LIPO pack. I additionally test it with 3s 850 mAh and 3s 450 mAh packs. 

I got the best flight time utilizing the 4S 850mAh pack. Without an additional camera on top in low wind conditions, it figured out how to remain noticeable all around for around 9 minutes. I gauge that you get around 6-7 minutes with a similar battery however with an SMO 4K or Naked GoPro.


The BetaFPV Pavo 30 is a good form Pusher Whoop with superb flight execution. Incredible drone for beginners or collectors. It’s a good drone to learn FPV flying. You can remain under 250gr with a 4S/850mAh battery or 4S/550mAh when you have a SMO 4K camera on top. With the correct battery, you can get near 10 min of flight time. 

Whatever you settle on, simple or computerized, I’m certain you will make some great memories with it. In the event that you loved the 95X V3, you will adore this Pavo30 as well. While the bigger size (2.5″ versus 3″) offers improved soundness, the greater engines give the additional force you need for freestyling.

The BetaFPV Pavo30 can be bought on Banggood (Analog Version), Banggood (HD Version), or GetFPV (HD Version)

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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betafpv-pavo30-3-cinewhoop-review We’ve reviewed a ton of FPV drones on our site over the most recent couple of years. And the list goes on with the fresh new BetaFPV Pavo30 review with everything you need to know about this drone. Set up in February 2017, BetaFPV is...


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