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FlyFox Nano3 – Long Range FPV drone

FlyFox Nano3 drone

FPV drones are getting more and more popular in the drone world. They come in almost any shape and size, with almost the same specs. Like the Blade QX 3D Nano Quadcopter, which has a very unique build. But today we’ll present you the FlyFox Nano3 – Long Range FPV drone which can be operated from far than the others. Other than this, there is nothing special about the drone, it has a 


  • Item Name: F4 Flight Controller AIO 6A BL_S 4in1 ESC Board
  • MCU: STM32F411
  • Gyro: MPU6000
  • OSD: AT7456E
  • FC Firmware: MatekF411RX
  • Size: 31.5×31.5mm
  • Mounting Hole: 25.5×25.5mm (M3)
  • Weight: 2.8g
  • Input Voltage: 1S
  • Con. Current: 6A
  • Burst Current: 8A BEC
  • Output: 5V 1.2A
  • ESC Firmware: O_H_5
  • BLHeli: BLHeli_S
  • Current Scale: 400
  • Weight: 102g

What’s in the box? 

1x Flyfox Nano3 3 Inch FPV Racing Drone

So everything else, from the battery to the controller you’ll have to get it yourself.

Design and build

The recent trend is the nano racers with a 1S power supply dependent on a 18650 battery-powered battery. After the Rekon 3 from HGLRC, here is the Nano3 from Flyfox! The design is in carbon, with brushless engines RCinPower 1202 Plus at 11500KV for two-bladed propellers 3 inches Gemfan 3018. The flight controller is a SPCmaker F411 FC AIO dependent on an F4 processor, streaked with Betaflight, which remembers a 4 for 1 ESC of 8A. 

FlyFox Nano drone weight


FlyFox does not offer a battery, but recommends a 3000mAh 18650 1S rechargeable battery, ensuring that the operating time reaches 15 minutes. According to FlyFox, the Nano3 weighs 102.5 grams with its battery. The device is available without a radio receiver – it’s up to you to install your own – or pre-installed with an AFHDS 2A receiver from Flysky, XM + from FrSky, or Crossfire Nano RX from TBS. The price? From 122 € to Banggood (no shipping, no taxes), with availability from May 27, 2021. 

FlyFox Nano drone with battery


The video part is given by a RunCam Nano2 camera, a 1200TVL. It is identified with a 5.8 GHz basic video transmitter PandaRC VT5804 Nano. It is suitable with 40 channels and imparts at 25 mW (the best allowed in France), yet also 50, 100, 200, and 400 mW to go further. 

FlyFox Nano3 gives off an impression of being almost the same and likewise, utilizes as an impact supply a solitary 18650 LI-ION battery that empowers about a quarter-hour of flight time. As its personality says, it’s furnished with 3″ propellers.


FlyFox doesn’t give a battery, yet suggests a battery-powered 18650 1S battery of 3000 mAh, guaranteeing that the self-sufficiency arrives at 15 minutes. As indicated by FlyFox, the Nano3 weighs 102.5 grams with its battery. The gadget is offered without a radio collector – it’s dependent upon you to introduce your own – , or pre-introduced with an AFHDS 2A beneficiary from Flysky, XM+ from FrSky, or Crossfire Nano RX from TBS.

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