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Sky Drone launches first 5G Ready To Fly Drone

Sky Drone 5G Ready To Fly Drone

Hong Kong-based Sky Drone launches first 5G Ready To Fly Drone controlled entirely over a 5G mobile network connection. Traditional radio control is not necessary for takeoff, landing or in-flight navigation. This allows an unlimited BVLOS range.

Thanks to the 5G connectivity of the Sky Drone Mk1, it has an almost unlimited range. In theory, the pilot of the drone can use the aircraft even located on the other side of the world. The company believes this freedom will be hugely useful for corporate customers, the industry the Mk1 is targeting. Especially the companies that fly missions out of sight (BVLOS). 

Design and build 

Tipping the scales at a pre-payload 3.4 kgs/7.5 lbs. The Mk1 qualifies as a UAV Class 2 drone under ongoing European Union guideline changes. It brags 45 minutes of self-governance; most extreme rates of 80 km/h (49.7 mph) in quick mode, and 45 km/h (28 mph) in position mode; and has a mission roof of 5,000 meters/64,000 feet.

We talk about a solid drone that will survive most of the crashes. The company made the bumper and the from carbon fibre. This is one of the most durable material when it comes to light materials. Also, they made the top out of plastic that comes in black colour. The camera is under the body and it’s supported by a gimbal. This all sounds really nice. However, the price for all this is $9,500 sticker price so not everyone will be able to get it. 

5G connection

Sky Drone Mk1’s 5G network gives it a practically limitless control range. In principle, the art could be flown by a pilot a large portion of the world away. The organization accepts that freedom will be a colossal resource for big business. Customers expected to be the Mk1’s essential market – particularly those regularly flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions. 

Also, the creation of the Mk1 came in the wake of last August’s. It’s an association between Sky Drone and China Mobile Hong Kong. As the last developed its organizations from G4 to G5 advancements. As a component of that push, China Mobile made a development stage. Through that, different accomplices went with China portable’s tech advancement by adjusting their remote capacities that remained to profit with 5G joining. 

The 5G Mk1 requires just a piece of information empowered SIM-card from any significant transporter on the planet to interface. It very well may be controlled from a PC or tablet-based ground station with a discretionary joystick or gamepad.


Since its 2012 origin as a division of Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd., Sky Drone’s centre has been the availability advances of automated aeronautical vehicles (UAV). It quickly settled itself as a principal major part of 4G/LTE gadgets. 

Its coordinated effort with Droniq – the joint endeavour between Germany’s airport regulation association and Deutsche Telekom – gave Sky Drone improved knowledge of the significance of productive drone availability as utilized by open administrations. Boris Boege, Sky Drone CEO, accepts the reconciliation of 5G will be a significant groundbreaking advance in propelling drone activities.


The 5G Mk1 only requires a SIM card with data from every major carrier in the world to connect. It can be controlled from a ground station with an optional joystick or gamepad. Boris Boege, CEO of Sky Drone, believes the integration of 5G will be an important transformational step in advancing drone operations. 

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