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The HEISHA DNEST Available for DJI and Autel Evo: Drone-in-a-Box Charging System for COTS Drones


The new HEISHA DNEST takes HEISHA’s mark independent charging cushion and makes it more modest, sleeker, and protected. With added usefulness: permitting any client to create a professional autonomous drone from a comercial drone. The HEISHA DNEST is available for DJI and Autel Evo: Drone-in-a-Box Charging System for COTS Drones

“HEISHA used to zero in on modern stages,” says CEO Ling Lu. “In 2020, we started to get increasingly more buyer requests – yet that introduced large difficulties. We realized we required a prepared to-fly, simple to-utilize, little, and savvy standard HEISHA DNESTproduct.” 

“We worked like integrators: teaming up intimately with DJI and our flight control accomplices Freesky, testing over and over. The DNEST is the aftereffect of that exertion: a self-ruling drone arrangement that is straightforward, little, and reasonable.” 

Look at the video beneath to perceive how simple the DNEST is to utilize.

The utilizations for independent drone arrangements are various: from security and review to live video web-based to sell land on the web, HEISHA clients are discovering new applications for the HEISHA DNEST consistently. In the current market environment, says CEO Ling Lu, HEISHA has seen the most foothold from drone specialist organizations. 

HEISHA DNEST charging box with drone

“The greatest cerebral pain for the top specialist organizations isn’t discovering drone equipment, yet discovering enough qualified pilots to fulfill a need,” he clarifies. “For work at a fixed area – particularly in rustic regions – the expense of a pilot is very high. Docking stations are a decent method to lessen costs, a basic belief of HEISHA items.” 

The new HEISHA DNEST for Autel EVO and DJI Mavic is a drone-in-the-container charging framework that permits clients to work with their decision of business off-the-rack (COTS) drones. (See video introduction beneath.) HEISHA’s DNEST gives climate insurance, charging, and more to make business arrangements into a computerized drone in the crate arrangements. 

The latest adaptation of the DNEST highlights a shrewd drone charging control board, empowering the drone accusing framework to work with drones of 3S and 4S batteries. The freshest HEISHA DNEST for Autel EVO is based on the Autel EVO II arrangement: and is viable with the 6K, 8K, and RTK models. Clients can switch between the DJI Mavic and the Autel EVO: HEISHA says that practically the entirety of the business multi-rotor drones made by the two brands is viable with the charging framework.

HEISHA DNEST charging box

While the aces might be HEISHA’s greatest market as of now, HEISHA can see that the day is quickly moving toward when shopper request matches that of drone experts. With a DNEST in your yard or set on your porch, you can get a flying perspective on your property from any place you are whenever permitted in your area*. Regardless of whether you utilize a DNEST for security, farming, or basically to show a companion your new pool: drone in crate arrangements are rapidly turning out to be more standard. 

Presently, HEISHA is offering qualified accomplices all throughout the planet select appropriation openings for the HEISHA DNEST.

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