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DJI delivered the Mini 2 drone in November 2020, simply a year after the first Mavic Mini. Both weigh under 250g, which makes them appealing all throughout the planet on the grounds that possibly you don’t need to enlist it or you can fly with fewer limitations than bigger, heavier drones. That’s why the DJI is planning on releasing the DJI Mini SE.

While the Mini 2 was an enormous update over the first, bringing 4K video and Ocusync 2.0 for a more dependable, longer-range signal, there was still an opportunity to get better. For instance, the Mini 2 didn’t get ActiveTrack (something many felt it ought to have had, halfway on the grounds that the more seasoned Spark had it), and it didn’t have any sensors for staying away from hindrances. 

On the off chance that you held out and were sitting tight for a Mini 3, it appears as though you will not need to delay until November 2021. Tales are hotting up that another Mini is going to be dispatched, with DJI responding to the competitors like the Hubsan Zino Mini Pro or Holy Stone HS340 Mini and coming up with their own model. But let’s see what to expect from the DJI Mini SE.  


This sub-250 gram drone is an incredible choice for any beginner. Its lightweight implies that you don’t need to enroll it with the FAA and it won’t be dependent upon the new remote ID law. The camera on it is marvelous. Quit worrying about that it “just” shoots 2.7K video, it is far better than all 4K drones created by ZLL, MJX, and the small bunch of rebrands you’ll discover on Amazon. 

The first Mavic Mini was a great drone and a designing wonder and this is the same. It might not have the scope of the Mini 2 however 4000 meters is generally 2.5 miles. That is a lot for a great many people. The Mini SE flight season of 30 minutes is additionally genuinely amazing.

DJI Mini SE Release date 

While we actually don’t know the exact date we suspect the release date to be in mid-July or late August in 2021. 

Some time ago, a blog post said that the creation line is as yet being instituted, yet isn’t yet going and that DJI has effectively shot a promotional video for the drone.  There are a couple of recordings on YouTube professing to be Mini 3 first looks, however, they’re probably going to be phony and essentially awful recordings of the Mini 2, not showing any proof that they’re not utilizing a Mini 2.

DJI Mini SE Price 

Considering that the Mini 2 costs start from £419/US$449/AU$749, and according to the tweets about the DJI, Mini SE will cost around £235 or US$325 – so a lot less than the Mini 2.  


Following on from spilled pictures, we presently have more substantial subtleties on the Mini SE specs. In any event, if the Shopee posting is genuine. 

Rather than a spec knock, DJI is minimizing the camera to accomplish a lower value it appears – instead of overhauling it to the 64Mp 1/1.7in sensor from the DJI Pocket 2. 

The Mini SE has a 2.7K goal camera with a 4km territory. For correlation, the DJI Mini 2 shoots 4K at 30fps. This implies it upholds Quad HD video and 12Mp photos and furthermore has a 3-pivot gimbal to keep everything smooth. 

There’s no notice of Ocusync 3.0 in the posting yet apparently DJI would not have to incorporate this innovation at any rate as the Mini SE doesn’t have to help transmission of higher-goal and higher-framerate video because of the 2.7K camera. 

What the page states are that the DJI Mini SE will have hindrance aversion and a run season of 30 minutes. One release that was right is the heaviness of simply 249g, which isn’t considerably more than some cell phones.

Here are some more DJI Mini SE specs from the Shopee listing:

  • 249g Ultralight
  • 30-Min Max. Flight Time
  • 2.7K Camera
  • 4km HD Video Transmission
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Vision Sensor
  • GPS Precise Hover
  • 3-Axis Gimbal
  • Smart Return Home
  • Simplified Recording & Editing
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