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In this category you can find the latest news about quadcopters, drones and other multi-rotors. This is the place you want to follow in order to be up to date because we cover everything that is worth writing and reading. Best quadcopter news from around the world.

Ehang Ghost Drone 2.0 Avatar

Ehang Ghost Drone 2.0 AvatarWe talked a lot about quadcopters that can be suitable for beginners, so let’s give a little space for the...
DYS X230 Quadcopter News

DYS X230 Quadcopter Racer News

DYS X230 Quadcopter  Racer NewsThe DYS X230 Quadcopter Racer  is one of the most recent quadcopters on the market, and it’s brought by DYS (Dong...

Mould King Super-S 33041

Mould King Super-S 33041If you’re not pleased with the way your old quadcopter flies, maybe you should make a change by buying the Mould...

JXD 509G Quadcopter 5.8Ghz 2MP Camera High Hold Mode News

JXD 509G Quadcopter High Hold ModeWhat can we say about the JXD 509G Quadcopter? Well, there are enough things to talk about. Starting...

Cheerson CX-33C CX33C

Cheerson CX-33C CX33CFor everyone out there who thinks that they need a more powerful quadcopter, let me introduce you to an option that might...
Walkera Runner 250 Advance Quadcopter

Walkera Runner 250 Advance Quadcopter

Walkera Runner 250 AdvanceFor anyone who’s tired of basic quadcopters, Walkera Runner 250 Advance is one that can bring out something new and really...
FQ777 955C 2.0MP drone

FQ777 955C 2.0MP Quadcopter

FQ777 955C QuadcopterIf you are interested in having a quadcopter that is known for a good stability, then you will want to take your...