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T-MOTOR FT5 HD 5.1″ Freestyle FPV quadcopter

T-MOTOR FT5 HD 5.1″ Freestyle FPV quadcopter

T-MOTOR FT5 HD 5.1″ Freestyle FPV quadcopter

In today’s article, we are going to review the T-Motor FT5 HD 5.1 ” Freestyle FPV quadcopter, which is an amazing customizable drone that can offer you lots of fun and also impressive video and photo footage. A great aspect of this drone is that it has a small size and also it is lightweight, being built on a 225mm carbon fiber frame. 

This drone is available in 3 options: the Analogue video with 4S 2306 2400kv motors, the analogue video with 5s/6s 2207.5 1950kv motors and the Digital video with 2306 motors in 4s 1750kv and 2550kv options. It can feature many impressive flight modes due to its versatile F4 flight controller. The drone is also very easy to control being a perfect choice for both first person view or line of sight pilots. 

Down below we will review the most powerful version of this drone which is the Analogue 6s 2207.5 1950kv motors, so stick with us in order to find out all the necessary information you need about this impressive drone. 

Design and built-in

The drone has a very beautiful design, with four rotor arms and a beautiful mix of colors red and carbon black looking pretty similar to the EMAX Nighthawk Pro 280 FPV Quadcopter. The frame is made out of carbon fiber, making it very easy and also very resistant to shocks or small accidents. At the end of each rotor arm you will find a brushless motor which is the best kind of motor you can have on a drone. The brushless motors not only offer a faster flight to your drone, but they are also more efficient.

On the front side the drone has its FPV camera which is a Caddx Ratel 1200TVL 2.1mm Lens Camera, that will help you get an amazing First person view experience and also, due to its design, the drone offers room for placing a go pro camera on it, if you really want to capture high quality video footage.


The T-Motor FT5 HD 5.1 Freestyle FPV quadcopter comes with almost the best components you can find on the market: Brushless Motors T-Motor P2207.5 2207.5 1750KV 6S Motor, which are the best ones and the most popular you can find on the market, the Caddx Ratel 1200TVL camera which makes an amazing FPV experience for the user. The Quadcopter also comes with T5143 5.1X4.3 3-blade propellers, a RUSH Tank 5.8g 48CH FPV transmitter, a T-Motor F4 OSD Flight controller and a Brushless ESC T-Motor P50A 50A BLheli_32 4In1 ESC. 

T-MOTOR FT5 HD 5.1″ Freestyle FPV quadcopter part

All of the specifications presented above are amazing components that make this drone offer an amazing flight experience and also makes it worth every single penny. 

First person view experience 

The Caddx Ratel is very popular and well known among drone enthusiasts offering an amazing FPV experience for its users. This amazing FPV camera is the second most sold camera on the market, offering a quality that is hard to believe to be possible for a FPV. 

More than that, this camera has also a very light weight comparing it with the other FPV cameras on the market. The Caddx made a partnership with the DJI, offering a great upgrade to their cameras and also to their manufacturing facility. The Rush Tank VTX offers an amazing reception between 25mw and 800mw power being perfect for a freestyle quadcopter and also the best you can find on the market. 

Flight performance

T-Motor FT5 HD 5.1 Freestyle FPV quadcopter offers an amazing flight experience to its users, due to its 6s 1950KV motor. The drone performs a very high speed flight and has a very impressive acceleration and also a great ability to switch directions. In order to enjoy a longer and faster flight we recommend you to choose a 1300mAh battery. 

Being equipped with the T-motor T5132 – blade propellers, you will get an amazingly balanced flight and a better control over its powerful motors. They are also great for practicing your freestyle flight and you can also use them for top speed flights. So, it is a very powerful drone, that can perform amazing flying acrobatics, but you might need some previous flight experience in order to enjoy this drone’s performance at its fullest. 


As we saw above the T-Motor FT5 HD 5.1 ″ Freestyle FPV quadcopter is a very impressive drone to have and the one thing which makes this drone so special is that it comes with almost the greatest components you can find on the market. It offers an amazing flight experience due to its impressive motors, it has the best VTX available for consumers, an amazing flight controller and also one of the best FPV cameras in the world. It is a perfect drone for freestyle flying which offers you a great room for placing a Gopro camera on it, so you could also use it for creating professional video and photo content. The frame offers the drone an amazing look being made from high quality carbon fiber. So we can really say that this drone, having the greatest components for sure will be a great long term investment. 

If this quadcopter captured your attention and you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it at a great price on Amazon or on Banggood



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