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Xiro Xplorer V Quadcopter Review

Xiro Xplorer V Quadcopter

Xiro Xplorer V Quadcopter Review Introduction:

Xiro Xplorer V is a quadcopter made by XiroDrone. With a very beautiful design and made entirely of carbon, Xiro Xplorer V Quadcopter, also come with some good specification. Because I don’t want to bore you, I’ll cut to the chase.

Xiro Xplorer V Autonomy

Battery - Xiro Xplorer V QuadcopterWith a 5,200 mAh battery Xplorer V can fly about 25 minutes. Battery is Lithium Polymer 3s type ( LiPo 3s), and if you don’t know, I warmly recommend the usage of LiPo battery. I consider, that this battery is a big plus for Xplorer V because 25 minutes is over than the average time of a drone battery.

Flight details

Xiro Xplorer V is a multirotor that has a horizontal top speed of 15 m/s. This is not a very good speed, because this is a speed uninfluenced by weather condition and other drones have horizontal top speed that are higher than 30 m/s. Xplorer V can fly in between -10°C and 50°C and can be operated at a distance of 500 meters.


With a 14 megapixels camera, Xiro Xplorer V can do photos and videos. Maximum size that a photo can be made is 4384 X 3288, whilst the video maximum resolution is 1080p. I consider that this camera is on of the best camera available on a drone( the best camera, has 16 megapixels).Xiro Xplorer V Camera


Xplorer V packet contain in addition a Remote Controller, but also can be controlled by a smartphone. If you’ll want to control it with your smartphone, you’ll need to install an application available on Google Store and on Appstore.

Xiro Xplorer V Quadcopter Packet

Xiro Xplorer V Quadcopter Review Conclusion:

At a price of 600$ Xplorer V don’t make me to buy it. Yes, it has a good battery and a very good camera, but I consider that it has a price too high for what it offer, but of course is my personal opinion and what really matter is your opinion and obviously, your budged.

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Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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