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Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Review

Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Review

Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Introduction:

200 QX is a quadcopter, made by Blade company. Blade 200 QX Quadcopter costs about 230$ and at this price is a medium priced drone.Blade 200 QX Quadcopter

Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Specs and review

Because its medium price, this quadcopter isn’t made by a not very good material: plastic. This drone is a small one, it has these dimensions: 142 x 142 x 90 mm and a weighing by 194 grams. Also, it has a 1.2mp camera, which can make 720p videos and can fly about 7 minutes.
In addition, this drone has many useful technologies:

  • Camera mode: this is a mode made for moments when you want to make higher quality photos or videos
  • STABILITY: this mode is useful in places where drone can crush very easy. Like its name says, it offer STABILITY to 200 QX Quadcopter
  • 3D AGILITY: this mode is for pilots who are more experienced
  • etc.


At this price, I think that 200 QX is a very good quadcopter, made for also for flight and photos. It has a modern design, and medium specifications, I am very tempted to buy it next time when I’ll need a new drone.

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