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Moon Buggy Quadcopter With Camera

Moon Buggy Quadcopter With Camera

Moon Buggy Quadcopter With Camera 720p 6 Axis Gyro

Ever thought of buying a remote RC car or Quadcopter? Well this is the perfect occasion to get both in one buy. The Moon Buggy Quadcopter can fly and you can also drive it on the land fairly easy and you can record videos or take photos while doing either.
Moon Buggy Quadcopter Package


You might be surprised, but the Buggy Quad is quite mobile. The car can go front, back and you can turn left or right like any normal RC car. When you switch to the quad, it uses a 4 channel, 6 axis gyro system. So it has a pretty basic controller and you can fly up or down and you have the basic controls of other similar drones.

You have a switch, so you can instantly take off from the driving mode. You can fly about 4-6 minutes. When you are in the flight mode, you can record decent videos with the built-in camera. You can also record videos when you are on the ground. Pretty neat features and it makes a quite unique “toy”.


The camera is pretty good. It is an HD camera, which means it records 720p videos and the quality of the footage is great because of the stability of the drone, it isn’t blurry when you move
and it is also clear. Everything is stored on the SD card and the footage can be transferred to your PC easily.


  • It has 6 Axis movements
  • Stabilisation gyro, so you can control the drone easier and for better footage
  • A built-in HD camera
  • Flight time of 4 minutes
  • Ground time of 4-5 minute
  • The charging time is about 100 minutes
  • You get an USB charger and a SD card
  • Control range of 40 – 50 metres
  • It has a Battery of 7.4V, 380mAh Li-poly for the drone and it is included in the package
  • The remote control needs 4 x AA batteries, but they are not included
  • The only color is black


Combining a car with a drone is an interesting idea and it seems it can work and it is not that expensive. The only downside to this is that you can’t use this Buggy Quad for too long. 4 – 5 minutes is an average time for drones, but I feel like the car mode should last a bit longer at least. In the end, since the camera is pretty good, I would say it is worth buying something like this and show off to your friends with it, or make a nice gift for your friends.

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