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WLtoys V666 FPV RC Quadcopter Review

WLtoys V666 FPV RC Quadcopter Review

WLtoys V666 FPV RC Quadcopter With HD Camera

If you are looking for a good drone then the WLtoys V666 quadcopter might be your best option. This is the ideal drone for the people with a smaller budget. WLtoys V666 FPV RC Quadcopter can be used also by new drone users, just because it’s easy to control.
WLtoys V666 FPV RC Quadcopter From Side
But why is this quadcoper already so popular? Let’s see its features and description.


  • It has FPV monitor
  • HD camera
  • FPV 5.8G real time image transmission
  • Light weight frame
  • 1200mAh capacity battery
  • Switchable transmitter that can switch between mode 1 or 2

WLtoys V666 FPV RC Quadcopter Controller


  • Brand: WLtoys
  • Item: V666 RC quadcopter
  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • Channel: 4
  • Gyroscope: 6 axis
  • Battery: 7.4V 1200 mAh
  • Battery for the Transmitter: 4 AA batteries

Sounds very well, right? We also know that this drone is very resistant, the propellers are well protected, so in case of crashes they will not break.
WLtoys V666 Quadcopter 360 Flip
Let’s now talk about the battery. It’s a quite big battery that has a flight time of about 10 minutes. The charging time is between 1 and 1.5 hours, which is pretty reasonable, the drone will have time to rest while the battery charges.

The 1080p camera option available is a HD camera that films 1080p HD video with 30 FPS or you can choose the 720p HD video at 60 FPS. Also the camera has an Anti-Vibration Mount that comes with the Ethos FPV that provides clear 1080p footage.

Package includes:

WLtoys V666 FPV RC Quadcopter Review Package

  • One WLtoys V666 RC quadcopter
  • One 2.4G transmitter
  • One battery
  • One HD camera
  • One camera vibration absorber
  • One FPV monitor
  • 4GB card to store your photos and videos on
  • One balance charger
  • And 4 propellers

WLtoys V666 Quadcopter Led Lights

Overall, this drone has very nice specification, it’s a nice quadcopter, good for experts and beginners and it’s available on the price of about $130, a decent and reasonable price.

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