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Turbo Ace Matrix S Quadcopter


Most of the drones found on the market try to have a cute design and beginner-friendly controls. Well, Turbo Ace Matrix S quadcopter is nothing close to that. Furthermore, this is a large drone and by large, I mean 1,110 mm in diagonal.

Turbo ace matrix s quadcopter

First of all, this quad is not suited to be controlled by new pilots. Its 42mm brushless motors, lets the drone to ascent with over 20km/h. Moreover, Matrix S has a Class 5 wind tolerance, which means that you don’t have to check the forecast every time you plan your flight program.

Strong Carbon Fiber Framework

With a triple deck and propellers made from carbon fiber, this flying machine becomes extremely strong and versatile. Hence, even if you crash it hard, the components between the carbon fiber boards will remain untouched. (I’ll worry more about the object that got hit)

Its arms are movable, they can either be moved in a portable position or in an aggressive flight style position.

Turbo ace matrix s quadcopter

When you think that is time to spend $3,000 on a single drone, make sure that is legal to fly one in your region. Don’t forget that the diagonal is 1,110 mm and weights about 3 kg.

Flight Time of Turbo Ace Matrix S Quadcopter

Usually, Turbo Ace Matrix S Quadcopter comes with a 8,000 mah 6S (22.2V) LiPo Battery, but it can be changed to 10,000; 16,000 or even 22,000 mah. The 8,000 mah has a price of $200, $300 for 10,000 mah, $400 for 16,000 mah and $600 for 22,000 mah. With the stock battery, you’ll get around 30 min of flight, which is better than the DJI Inspire‘s 25 min flight time.

Customize Your Own Package

Like most of the reviews from this site, you’ll get a list of what’s inside the box. Well, with Turbo Ace Matrix S Quadcopter, every time you order one, you’ll have to customize your own package. To tell the truth, if you select all the expensive options, you’ll reach over $6,000.


As has been noted, Turbo Ace Matrix S is designed to be something more than an ordinary drone. Being such a complex and strong machine, Matrix S is one of the most powerful drones on the market.

Price-performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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