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VN5 Harrier Quadcopter Review

VN5 Harrier Quadcopter

There are more and more cheap, small drones on the market. VN 5 Harrier is one of them. With just $35, this modest drone has a camera and 360 flip button. If you’re thinking about getting into the world of drones but don’t know which drone to pick, consider VN5. It’s cheap and small, making it a perfect beginner’s drone.

In this VN5 Harrier quadcopter review you’ll see how easy is to control it, as far as you keep it away from bad weather. Hence, having a weight just 458 grams and justĀ 42.6 x 31 x 7.8 cm, even a light wind can complicate the situation.

Battery and Camera

The lithium ion battery gives you 6 minutes of flight and needs 2 hours for a full recharge. Unfortunately, the VN5 Harrier Quadcopter doesn’t have a spare battery. Also, when removing the battery, you have to remove the camera first. Moreover, removing the battery connection in order to charge it, can be tricky.

The images are stored on a SD card that is not included. Besides this, you can check recordings on your phone after the drone has been landed.

Flight Performance of VN5 Harrier Quadcopter

Being a beginner-friendly drone, the VN5 Harrier quadcopter handles pretty well. Also, one of its functions is the One Key Return button. What it does is makes the quad land safely where it took off. Further, it has another function called 360 Flips. By pressing one button, the drone will do a flip, forward or backward.

The controller is a simpleĀ 12x8x4cm remote. Having two main joysticks and a weight of 102 grams, it is just perfect for kids. The drone might be too large for a child, but thanks to its propeller guards, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Indeed, the controller does a good job, giving you a range of 40 meters. Don’t forget that the remote need 3xAAA batteries that are not included.

One of the down sides of this quad is the lack of Altitude Hold Mode. Without it, can be tricky to fly it indoors.

In Brief

Like I said before, this quad is the perfect start in your drone adventure thanks to its low price and beginner-friendly flight style. Taking a short look at the cheapest drones, most of them do not have a camera nor 360 flips.




Price-performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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