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Dys Elf 83MM Brushless Micro Quadcopter Review

dsy elf 83mm brushless micro quadcopter review

Last year, a new micro drone showed up and what’s special about this one is that it comes ready to fly. If you don’t like it already, consider reading this Dys Elf 83MM Brushless Micro Quadcopter Review and you’ll understand why this drone is not just like another microdrone.

Ready to Fly

Like I said, this drone is ready right out of the box, it has beta flight on board already programmable and set up for your radio. Furthermore, you can change the settings and add new mods. One more thing I want to mention is the beeping that comes off when the battery is running low, also you can manually trigger it in case you lost it in the grass. Shortly, is impressive how those guys from Dys managed to put all this in such a small drone. On the other hand, the $369.69 price can be high for some pilots.

Good Batteries for Elf

Talking about energy, the micro-quad comes with 2S batteries which seems to be kind of standard among brushless micro drones. Moreover, the battery is a 2S 25C and 600 mAh. Needs 35 minutes to charge it and gives you around 5 minutes of flight. Taking a look at other drones this size, the Dys Elf is doing really well.

How Durable Is the Dys Elf 83MM Brushless Micro Quadcopter

A simple yet cool feature is the prop guards. They are small and light, making them perfect for this kind of drone. Furthermore, it has a canopy that protects the camera and the VTX antenna. Taking a look beneath, we’ll find a 8 screws holding the carbon fiber frame.


Like most drones, this one also comes with the drone, controller, 4 spare propellers, balance charger, power adapter and a Chinese-English manual. However, the charger is different from what we are used to. Of course, is the balance charger. This little guy is capable of charging 2S or 3S. In fact, I don’t recommend using 3S, mainly because 10 amp can be too much for our cute drone. In brief, stay with 2S and your drone will thank you.


As has been noted, Dys Elf 83mm Brushless micro quadcopter is an excellent ready to fly drone. Also, the drone is beginner friendly and that carbon fiber frame will make sure that your fun will not end with the first crash. Moreover, if you like this type of quad but want something faster, check out this drone from LANCHI.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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