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Syma X8W Quadcopter Review

Syma X8W Quadcopter Review

Syma X8W FPV Beginner Quadcopter Review

Syma X8W Quadcopter is the largest model of the Chinese manufacturer and can be considered as a beginner drone with some great features like the FPV (First Person View) capability, stable flight performance and some minuses too. The price range of Syma X8W is around $60. You definitely get a great value for this price. Dive into the details to see the real possibilities of the Syma X8W model.
Syma X8W FPV Quadcopter Package


  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Channel: 4 Channel
  • Battery for Transmitter: 4 x AA battery (not included)
  • Product Size: 50 x 50 x 19 cm
  • Motor size: 15mm coreless
  • Control Mode: Remote Control
  • Control Distance: about 100m
  • Battery for RC Quad Copter: 7.4V 2000mAh Li-on
  • Charging Time: About 200 min
  • Flight Time: 8 to 10 minutes
  • Product weight: 4 lb 1.46 oz
  • Box Size: 35 x 35 x 17cm
  • Battery Size: 9 x 3 x 1.5cm

More Details

Out of the box, you get everything you need for a proper flight experience. The screwdriver is a unique item in the box but doesn’t worry it has its role. No, you won’t be repairing to often this quadcopter. It fills the role of simply putting on the prop guards which is also included in the box, but let’s see what exactly we find in the package.
Syma X8W Quadcopter Battery
It includes the Syma X8W Quadcopter, a pretty big transmitter, an HD capable Wi-Fi Camera, a Li-Po battery, USB cable, 8 propeller blades, 4 landing gears, 4 propeller guards, a phone holder, the screwdriver and the instruction manual that which we do not always read, but it is very useful to properly calibrate the quadcopter.

The built quality is really good. We got used to it at other Syma models. The plastic is made from a durable kind. Syma X8W can survive many crashes easily. The wingspan of the quadcopter is 340mm which positions this toy above the average quadcopters in size. The design and the size reminds me perfectly of the DJI Drones models, but it’s way lighter than those models. The motors are not so strong so the quadcopter can feel a little bit lazy in the air, but it’s doing fine.

It can carry about 80 grams in addition which means you can replace the camera, with some action cameras. Speaking about the camera, Syma X8W has an average one. The main feature is the FPV functionality that stands out from the previous models.

Remote Controller

The remote controller is a basic one, you can find on there all the functionalities you are used to. It is a large remote controller and it functions with four AA battery. The RC has a mount for smartphones to use the FPV functionality through a dedicated application that you can download for free to your smartphone. The transmission distance is about 100 meters. The FPV footage comes through the Wi-Fi signal from the quadcopters camera.
Syma X8W Remote Controller
The battery is a 7.4V 2000mAh Li-Po one, which allows an 8 to 10 minutes flight time. The interesting fact about the flight time is that with or without the camera on, this time almost stays the same. So no extra battery consumption with the camera turned on. The charging time is pretty long, it takes about 200 minutes, so it’s not bad to buy some extra spare battery to enjoy a more permanent flight experience.


The main feature of this drone is the FPV capable camera. On Syma X8W you will find a 2MP camera that is average in image quality, but with a little practice, you can make moderately good pictures and videos. For this price range, I think that it is acceptable. Syma X8W basically inherited the camera form the previous Syma X5SW quadcopter, but with an extra FPV functionality. The video transmission is done by a Wi-Fi antenna attached to the camera. The video footage starts to be laggy after a 10-15-meter distance, and the image quality is not so good as expected.
Syma X8W Quadcopter Camera
You can pair easily the camera with the dedicated application. Syma X8W sets up a Wifi hotspot after is turned on and basically you then pair your phone with the signal and turn on the app to see the live video footage from the quadcopter. The low latency problems come from the frequency of 2.4Ghz Wifi signal. With a 5.8GHz frequency transmission signals, this high latency issue is not present, but only the professional quadcopters have this range. This price spectrum although allows to this quadcopter to be a perfect entry level FPV experience. Unfortunately, you won’t find an SD card slot nor on the camera nor on the drone body. Video footages can be recorded only through the smartphone app, with all the lags included.

Syma X8W Quadcopter Flight Experience

The flight experience with the Syma X8W is really convincing. You get a remarkably stable quadcopter with a high range of control. Among the features included, I have to mention that Syma X8W has a stunt vein under the frame. It can do one key 360°rolls and flips despite the large body. Syma X8W has also a headless mode which is called differently, Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) system. This system allows the pilot to fly the drone forward without the importance of the orientation of the nose. The standard 6-axis flight control systems make the quadcopter to fly steadily.


Overall Syma X8W Quadcopter is a great budget quadcopter. For a beginner FPV pilot, it can be a perfect choice. Some of the great features inherited from the previous X8C model, Syma X8W still has a great value for the price of $59.99. One of the great features of Syma X8W is the stable flight performance, an adequate build quality, excellent stability in windy situations and also a nice flight time. The only minus about Syma X8W is the FPV video footage.
Syma X8W LED Lights
For this price range, you get a taste of what the FPV drones are capable of. Syma is a great manufacturer with some experience in this area, if you like this model, maybe you are interested in the best Syma models out there. Check out this short list of best syma quadcopters.


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