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Connex Falcore Racing Quadcopter Review


When Connex decided to create a racing drone, it was clear that it would become something unique because this brand is renowned for a long time for wireless video transmission and has the most reliable technology. The Connex Falcore racing quadcopter review will just describe this new Connex model, so we will find out all the news in this field and last but not least we will be able to add a new model to our wishlist.

Falcore is an innovative drone for beginners and experienced users at the same time.

In the Falcore package you have everything you may need to lift it up, fully assembled including the installed props, and the spare ones are packed together.

The carbon-fiber arms are attached to the body of the same material, with O-rings. The latter offers a more rigid support and the material from which this drones are created, envelops all the drones’ remarkable components such as the camera, receiver, video transmitter for even greater safety. The video antenna slides in and locks and the battery is easy to access and changed when needed.

As mentioned earlier, in the package we get the assembled drone, but before being lifted into the air it is necessary to charge the batteries of both the quad and the transmitter then attach the ProSight receiver to the transmitter and attaching the antennas. The next step would be the setup instructions that you find right on the front page of the user manual.

The simplicity of the flight is extraordinary, even at a speed of 80mph, and besides, an uninterrupted video signal is all you want. Shield, Horizon, and Acro are the three modes for which you will find a switch on the front of the transmitter. For a beginner in the FPV world I would recommend the Shield mode. The Horizon Mode keeps the drone at a certain level and cancels out any inputs when the sticks are returned to the home position. Acro mode leaves it to the pilot to keep everything level and to control and / or cancel any previous stick inputs.

The last two modes are strictly recommended to users with experience.

The entire package comes with the following:

    • Fully-assembled racing drone
    • Remote controller
    • HD video link
    • LiPo battery
  • Multi-tool (for propeller assembly)
  • (HDMI goggles are not included, but are needed for FPV flight—need a 720P compatible goggles or monitor for FPV)


Flight time: 6 minutes

Control range: 0.5km

Motor: Falcore 2204 2300 kV with MT30 Connector

Motor Arms: 15.3mm Carbon fiber tube with carbon fiber motor mounts

Flight Battery: Lithium-ion polymer/ 4s 1400 mAh /75C

Lipo Balance charger included

RC TX & RX: Connex Falcore 8-Channel AFHDS 2A 2.4Ghz Tx included

RC TX Battery: Lithium-ion, 5000 mAh, 7.2 V

12v charger included

FPV Video Link

Transmitter: CONNEX ProSight Digital HD video

Receiver: RC mounted ProSight receiver included

Video output: HDMI

In the end

In order not to be intimidated by too complicated drones and not easy to use, Falcore helps you in case you are a beginner to guide your steps to become a pro. Simple to use, but with a slightly higher price, it falls into the category of very good drones, but less like to the pocket. Of course, if you are a racing fan, you certainly will not mind this aspect.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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