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Diatone GT-R239 (2019 R90 Rabbit) 3S Micro Quad Review


As a renowned brand, it must always be ahead of all, perhaps for that reason Diatone has decided to introduce the new 2019 micro drones model since 2018. The Diatone GT-R239 (2019 R90 Rabbit) 3S micro quad review will show what promised Diatone for 2019, let’s see what this tiny little drone offer to us.

The smallest

The GT-R239 (90mm) is the smallest of the “brothers” and features uni-body injection modeling frame. The other models grow in size from model to model and have carbon fiber frames. All GT models are available in 3 colors: white, black and lucency, although at first glance they will look much more colorful.

Also, all models have the Mamba F405 mini flight controller, the RunCam Micro Swift FPV camera and the RunCam TX200U VTX with adjustable transmission power (25-200mW).

GT R239 is powered by 3S LIPOs battery and is intended for indoor use. Its small size makes it very easy to use without the need for much space for flying.

And if we’ve talked about being created for indoor flight, we also need to know that it was designed for beginners, so it’s easy to learn the basics of using a drone, and you’ll have fun too.

Basic specs of the quad:

    • Flight Controller: Fury F405 Mini FC
    • ESC: Mamba F25 25A 4in1 ESC
    • Motor: Mamba Racing 1105 5500KV
    • FPV Camera: Runcam Micro Swift
    • VTX: Runcam TX200U
    • Propeller: Gemfan 1940 Triblade Props
  • XT30 Battery Connector


    • Up to 8K Looptime
    • Supports Betaflight OSD
    • 16MB Flash Memory for Blackbox
    • 5V 2A BEC
    • VTX Control with Tramp Telemetry
  • Onboard Current Sensor

It is considered to be a little too heavy to the usual drones of this size that generally have between 60 and 70 gr. R 239 has 87 gr without battery but with R-XSR receiver installed, most likely this weight is due to prop guards which are built into the frame so you can’t remove them.

It is advisable to buy a set of spare propellers, even if we have prop guards because of the flexibility of the material there is a chance that they will deteriorate.

Well protected by the frame, a Runcam Micro Swift V1 in a green version is available in the GT-R239 and the Runcam TX200U video transmitter on the back of the camera, which is a 25mW / 200mW VTX with Tramp Telemetry capability.

Even if we can enjoy a FPV camera, its tilt angle is limited to a 20 degrees.


    • Extremely durable frame with prop guard, great for beginners, as it simply doesn’t care about crashes
    • Well-thought-out design with excellent build quality
    • Very cheap considering all the features! This is a 3S micro quad and has the potential for multiple applications
  • Upgradable!


    • The frame is a bit too flexible which affects “tune-ability” and flight performance
  • A bit on the heavy side – clearly is not a racer

The package includes:

    • Info cards for wiring diagram + FC pin-out
    • Buzzer
    • Various screws
    • 5 zip ties
    • 5 battery sticky pads
    • Spare XT30 female connector
    • Spare connector between FC and 4in1 ESC
  • Diatone stickers

In conclusion

Small, easy to use, perfect for beginners, so I’ll end this review. There are details that matter a lot when you choose your first drone, for example. On the other hand, the price may not be right for a first drone, as there are much cheaper versions for the first flights. Of course, everyone chooses according to their budget.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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