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Nikko Air Race Vision 220 FPV Pro Quadcopter Review


Some time has passed since the first Nikko Air of racing drone models put on the market by The Drone Racing League and Toy State in 2017. This Nikko Air Race Vision 220 FPV Pro quadcopter review will feature one of the versions of this brand, all the features and details that might interest us.

NIKKO Air Race Vision 220 FPV Pro Drone

Nikko Air has created an excellent idea in the form of the Race Vision 220 FPV Pro, a good product available in two variants, one without FPV called the Elite 115 which quickly became a favorite in its category and among the beginners. And our version of this article, the Race Vision 220 FPV Pro is a bit larger and has an FPV camera, in order not to have too many completions the package also includes goggles.


At first sight you will realize it’s a racing quad, it has an aggressive design, it seems to be fast, so you can read from the signs. It has brushed motors that are fairly powerful and a tiltable camera that will please all who use FPV. The only thing that could spoil this design is prop guards, but beginners will appreciate these accessories even if they lose a bit of their aggressive look. These protection accessories are also aided by a flexible design to be more durable.


As I said earlier, Vision 220 features brushed motors for power, not brushless like the usual professional drones. This means they are not nearly as powerful and they don’t have the punch or recovery power of a true racer. This doesn’t mean it would not be fast enough for a beginner, on the contrary, it has more zip than a typical brushless drone.

The Vision 220 features 3 speeds, slow, medium and fast, and 3 flight modes that make this drone something entirely unique.

N-mode, A-mode and P-mode

N-mode is Nikko mode, this mode helps to fly the drones easily, but it can also get you tangled in case you want to use another drone that doesn’t have a special mode to ease the flight. You can get used quickly to the simplicity of the flight and it will not be nice to miss it on another model of drones.

A-mode is an angle mode or a self-leveling mode. The most used mode by drone users. It provides much more help for beginners considering self-leveling that allows you to learn the flight quickly.

P-mode is acro or rate mode. Obviously the most suitable racing mode used by DRL pilots. Even if we don’t have self-leveling in this mode, it allows the user to test the limits of this drone to the maximum. It is recommended to do enough exercise before using this mode.


Pros and cons at every step here, for example, we have a good camera that can’t be used in extreme situations, with a distance range of up to 50 m from goggles. Maybe this minus is offset precisely by the fact that the camera angle is adjustable. This is a great help for the beginner pilot, but a wider FOV would probably be preferred.

Remote Transmitter

We have a gamepad style remote for Vision 220 with a solid feel. There are lots of buttons, but they are all easy to reach. A minus here might be that the buttons are not labeled, but they are quite obvious at first glance, and the user manual will help you understand each part anyway. In case you don’t want to use goggles, you have space for mounting a monitor.

A big plus is that we find buttons for different types of acrobatic stunts, more precisely 16 flips, rolls and spins in different ways. In case you want to do it by yourself, you have nothing else but to activate P-mode.

What’s Included

    • Racing drone
    • 4.3 LCD Screen + 4 AA batteries
    • FPV goggles
    • Controller + 4 AA batteries
    • 7.4 V Rechargeable Li-PO battery
    • 1 set (4) replacement propellers
    • Instruction booklet
    • USB charging cable
  • SD Card

In conclusion

I hope you’ve managed to figure out whether it’s worth investing in the Nikko Air Race Vision 220 FPV Pro. A drone of impressive quality, dedicated entirely to entertainment. It’s hard to find a complete kit that includes the drone, transmitter, camera, and goggles, all of which Vision 220 has. It’s even harder to find one for under $ 200, but you’ll surely find Amazon‘s stock available and the price you like.

Prive-performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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