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4DRC M1 Quadcopter Review

4DRC M1 Quadcopter

4DRC M1 Quadcopter Review

Drones have become more and more popular these days for their usefulness and offer lots of fun to their users. Due to their popularity, the number of drone models that you can find on the market keeps increasing as well, making it difficult for a new drone enthusiast to choose the perfect one for his needs. If you are one of the new drone enthusiasts and choosing the drone to suit your needs seems difficult. You should follow this article in which we will review an impressive drone that features a great 4k camera, amazing built-in components, and it is also at an affordable price. The 4DRC M1 Quadcopter is one of the best drones you can find at an affordable price that you can perfectly use to practice your piloting skills and capture amazing aerial footage.

So let’s begin

Design and Built-in

First time when you get to see the 4DRC M1 Quadcopter you will be surprised for sure, because it has a very beautiful, modern and futuristic design that makes it special. Being a quadcopter it has four rotor arms, each one of them ending up with a brushless motor on top and a landing gear above, in order to help it get a smooth and safe landing.

It is not a small size drone, because it measures 17.5 x 15.7 x 4.7 inches, but being a foldable drone makes it pretty easy to place in your backpack and carry it around wherever you want. The drone weighs 520 grams which helps it offer a good flight experience even in windy conditions and it is made out of high quality ABS plastic making it very resistant to small accidents or shocks that will occur while you are flying it. 

Flying in darker areas might be difficult with some of the drones, but not with this one because the 4DRC M1 Quadcopter is equipped with LED lights which helps you locate it easily when you are flying it and the visibility is low. 

Battery and Flight Time 

An impressive advantage of this drone, which also makes it compete with other professional drones like DJI INSPIRE 2 is offered by its large 11.1V 4000mAh battery which provides an amazing flight time of around 30 minutes. It is really impressive flight time especially for a drone at its price range, but if you are looking for an even longer experience we suggest purchasing another battery. 

The 4K Camera

4DRC M1 Quadcopter Camera

One of the most important aspects of every drone is its camera. Luckily, the 4DRC M1 Quadcopter comes with an amazing built in 4K full HD camera that will provide you a stunning aerial video and photo footage, so users can use the drone for creating advertising videos, recording important life events or just for capturing your personal experiences at an amazing quality. 

More than that, you will also find an interesting feature of this drone which helps you stabilize your image, in order to get an even higher quality to your footage. Using this feature the photos and videos you take will come out very clear, more detailed and also without distorsions. 

This drone’s camera offers great angles to capture your photos, rotating on 90 degrees and it always maintains a horizontal angle. You can also enjoy the first person view experience at a great quality due to its 5GHz WiFi frequency.

Flight performance 

The 4DRC M1 Quadcopter is a very easy to control drone, due to its great transmitter and it also offers an amazing smooth and enjoyable flight experience. Because of its brushless motors the drone does not only fly very fast but it also is more efficient. 

This drone also features impressive flight modes which will help you get an even better flight but also great ways to create impressive video and photo materials that you can use to impress your friends with.  

Gesture response –  a great way to create impressive group pictures is to use the Gesture response features of the drone. You can simply show to the drone some hand signs and it will start taking pictures or recording videos. 

Altitude hold mode – is a great mode to use, especially for practicing your flying skills as a beginner. Using this mode, the drone will hover at a certain height chosen by you. You can also use this feature for creating videos. 

Return home function – if somehow you want your drone to come back to you, using the return home function will make it easier than ever. You will have to simply push the return home button, and the drone will come back to you by itself. 

Orbit mode –  is another great feature that you can use for creating impressive videos or fotos. If you want to use this mode, you will have to choose an object and the drone will start orbiting around it, so you can create impressive videos of different objects. 

These are just a couple of the flight modes that this drone has to offer, there are also more interesting features and flight modes that you can use if you purchase this drone. 


As we saw above, the 4DRC M1 Quadcopter is a really impressive drone, with features and components that makes it compete with other more expensive drones on the market and because of that this drone whorts its money for sure. It offers a very good flight experience, is easy to control and it has an amazing  4K camera, being a perfect choice not only for beginners but also for more experienced users. 

If you are interested in purchasing this drone you can find it on Amazon Link 1 or Link 2.

FAQ: 4DRC M1 Quadcopter:

Question: Are there any accessories available for this drone; ie batteries, cases, replacement parts, etc?



Question: Can I use it with dronedeploy app? For mapping…


Yes, yes, you can use the drone APP to operate him

Question: What is the maximum payload weight for this drone?


Hey there, the drone is not load drone. We don’t suggest you use it to carry things that maybe hurt the drone and cause accidents.

Question: Is it vr compattible?


Yes, direct VR viewing

Question: Can you purchase an extra batterypach for this 4drc m1 drone ?



Question: does it have headless mode


Hello there,,

Yes it has headless mode

Question: Hello, will this 5g done work full features with a Samsung Galaxy A6 phone?


Yes everything is ok

Samsung phones belong to the Android system and are supported.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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4drc-m1-quadcopter-review 4DRC M1 Quadcopter Review Drones have become more and more popular these days for their usefulness and offer lots of fun to their users. Due to their popularity, the number of drone models that you can find on the market keeps increasing as well, making...


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