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4DRC V4 Quadcopter Review

4DRC V4 Quadcopter

4DRC V4 Quadcopter Review

If you are a new drone enthusiast looking for a quadcopter with impressive features at an affordable price, then the 4DRC V4 Quadcopter could be the perfect choice for you. The drone comes with a built-in camera and as the other drone from the toy-class quadcopter, its camera is not a professional one, but it does a great job and you perfectly use it for practicing your aerial photography skills.  

A very important aspect that you should pay attention to when you are thinking about purchasing a drone is the quality of the drone’s flight. Luckily, the 4DRC V4 offers a really impressive flight experience due to its high quality built components. By following this article you will get to know everything you need about this drone such as its design, built-in components, camera, flight performance, and many other important aspects that will help you decide if this drone suits your needs or not. So, let’s begin. 


4DRC V4 Quadcopter Package

This drone’s great first advantage is represented by the large variety of accessories that you will receive when you purchase it. The quadcopter comes inside its beautiful braided box along with its transmitter, a USB charging cable, four extra Spare propellers, which will be very helpful for you in the future, two 1200 mAh Batteries, the user manual, and a handbag that will help you carry it easily from one place to another. 

So, comparing it with other drones at a similar price range, the 4DRC V4 Quadcopter offers many useful accessories, making it more long term efficient and will save you good in the future. 

Design and Built-in 

The 4DRC V4 Quadcopter is a small-sized foldable drone, that comes in a beautiful black color with some small orange details offering it a very professional look. It has a very beautiful design that looks pretty similar to the Eachine E511S Quadcopter

This drone measures 8.7 x 6.6 x 1.5 inches, which makes it a small-sized drone, and by being a foldable model, carrying it from one to another will not represent a problem for you, being perfect for travelers. When it is folded, the drone can perfectly fit in your pocket or inside your backpack, and you will feel it because it weighs only 124 grams. 

Due to its lightweight, it might be difficult for you to fly the drone in windy conditions, so we recommend you to make sure the weather conditions are favorable for flying it. Another impressive built-in aspect of this drone is that it is made out of high-quality ABS plastic, one of the best materials to have on a drone, making it very resistant to shocks or small accidents but also more efficient and lighter. 


When it comes to its flight time, we can say that this drone offers a good amount of flying time due to its 1200mAh batteries. Each of the batteries will offer you a great flight time of around 13 minutes so that you will get a total flight time of 26 minutes, almost as a professional drone. The great thing about having two batteries is that you can charge one of them while using the other one. By being modular batteries, when one of them runs out of power, you can easily switch it with the other one and continue your flight experience.  


The 4DRC V4 Quadcopter’s camera is a great one considering its price, and by comparing it with the other drone’s cameras at a similar price, this one is one of the best you can find. It captures videos and photos with vivid details at a resolution of 1080p, and the great thing about it is that it has a wide field of view at 120 degrees. You can share your impressive footage on social media by using the drone’s mobile app, and more than that, you can enjoy the FPV experience at a great range of around 80 meters. 

Flight Performance and Flight Modes 

The flight experience you get when flying this drone for the first time is great and perfect for every beginner who wants to practice his skills. It offers a smooth flight, and it is effortless to control. More than that, the drone offers many intelligent flight modes that you usually find on more professional drones. Intelligent flight modes represent a great help for capturing impressive video and photo footage and helps the user control the drone easily. 

Trajectory flight mode – is one of these flight modes, which offers you the opportunity to focus on capturing your videos and photos from the greatest angles, because by using this mode the drone will fly by itself. In order to use this, you will have to draw a path on the drone’s mobile app and the drone will start following that path. 

Gesture control – represents another great mode that comes in hand perfectly for its user when it comes to take photos or videos. By simply showing your palm to the drone it will start recording and by showing it the victory sign the drone will take photos. It is perfect to use for outside activities or group photos. 

Headless mode – is a great mode for beginners especially, which will help get a better control of your drone when it is far away from you. By using this mode the drone will turn around the drone will turn around as well without worrying which side the it faces to. 

Altitude hold mode –  one of the best modes to use for practicing your flying skill is the altitude hold mode. You can choose a certain altitude and the drone hover by itself at that specific altitude so you can focus better on moving horizontally withou worrying about its altitude. 


The 4DRC V4 Quadcopter is an amazing drone that features great components, offers videos and photos and a good quality and it is also at a very affordable price, being a perfect choice for every beginner. The flight experience is great, offering a smooth and easy to control flight and it also offers a great amount of flight time that gives you enough time to enjoy its intelligent flight modes. Comparing it with the drones at a similar price, the 4DRC V4 Quadcopter is one of the best you can find. 

If this drone captured your attention and you want to purchase it, you can find it at a great price on Amazon

FAQ: 4DRC V4 Quadcopter

Question: Is it possible to program a custom landing to a certain spot? Like landing on a target automatically.


Yes, it can fly on a trajectory,

Question: Does it need a SD card for taking videos and photos?


No SD card required,

Question: Can you Purchase landing gear for this drone?


It doesn’t need landing gear

Question: Does it work with iPod?


i didn’t try connecting it with ipod. My kid used it with iphone with no issue.

Question: does this drone do flips on all sides (front back and side flips)?


3D roll, with this function

Question: How long to charge


60 -80minutes

Question: How could I control multiple of the drones with either one controller or one phone?


This is 2,4G, one remote control can only control one drone

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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4drc-v4-quadcopter-review 4DRC V4 Quadcopter Review If you are a new drone enthusiast looking for a quadcopter with impressive features at an affordable price, then the 4DRC V4 Quadcopter could be the perfect choice for you. The drone comes with a built-in camera and as the other...


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