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Contixo F30 Quadcopter Review

Contixo F30 Quadcopter Review

Contixo F30 Quadcopter Review

Camera drones have huge growth in popularity due to how easy and fun it is to fly them. And the best part is that you can get them at a low price. There are many high-performance, low budget drones, like the Holy Stone HS720 or the Eachine EX4 which are some of the strongest, yet simplest enough drones for beginners. But the list goes on. If you too are looking for a smart camera drone that is packed with awesome features, a great camera, good flight time and long flight range. You’re int he the right place because the Contixo F30 Quadcopter is one of the best quadcopters you can get on a budget. 

What’s in the box?

Contixo F30 Quadcopter 

2 x Lithium Ion Modular Batteries

2.4G Transmitter (AA Batteries not Included)

Protective Carrying Case

Screwdriver Tool Set

4 x Additional Spare Propellers

Type C Charging Cable

Charger Hub

User Manual 

Contixo F30 Quadcopter Package


  • Weight: 245g / 8.64 oz 
  • Package weight:1.05KG/3.30lbs
  • Product size (L x W x H): 5.75×2.75×1.75 inches
  • Package size (Lx W x H): 10x7x3.5 inches
  • TRANSMITTER Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Camera Frequency: 5.0GHz
  • FPV Range: 650~1000 feet (200~300M) 
  • Maximum Control Range: 2000~3000 feet (600~800M)
  • Camera: 4K UHD
  • Image Transmission: 720P@20FPS
  • Camera Adjustable Angle: 0° to -90°manually. 

Design and build 

The drone doesn’t have anything special in his build or design, which is good. It has a foldable design, which is super practical. The shell is a flat one painted in jet white and made out of ABS plastic. This material offers enough protection against minor impacts and enough lightness so that the motors can lift up easily the drone. 

Contixo F30 Quadcopter Design

The drone weighs 245g, so you don’t have to register in the FAA if you’re in America. However, it’s better to check the local laws about drones or ask a friend who already owns a drone. The drone measures 5.75×2.75×1.75 inches when it’s unfolded, so it’s pretty small even when it’s unfolded, therefore it won’t cause you any trouble transporting it.

On the end of each arm, you will find a brushless motor. Usually, brushless motors are superior to the brushed ones. They are more powerful, less noisy, and it doesn’t heat up that fast. Which means the Contixo F30 drones motor will handle well every challenge. 

Speaking of build and design quality, the battery is located on the top and provides up to 16 minutes of flight time. Overall, beginners will love the sleek, compact and portable design that this camera drone delivers.

Flight performance 

First of all, the battery provided can give you around 16 minutes of flight time. But the time depends on your flight style and the environment you’re flying in. For example, in windy weather, or in extremely cold or hot the battery can drain faster. Or if you always use the drone at his full speed, and using constantly the smart features the battery can also drain faster. So if you apply these to the battery it will last around 10-12 minutes instead of 16. 

However, it’s still a good time especially if you consider the fact that you get 2 batteries in the package, so you double your flight time. If you think like this, it’s a super deal to get a 4K capable drone for under $250. Additionally, the quadcopter is equipped with a GPS module which makes it more accurate and stable. 

As for the drone’s range, it can fly around 600-800 meters far from the remote controller, which is perfectly enough for a beginner. However, the FPV range is not that much, that’s only 300 meters. But that’s not a problem, because all the recordings go to an SD card, so the connection loss won’t affect your footage.


Contixo F30 Quadcopter Camera

The drone has an amazing 4K UHD capable drone. This makes Contixo F30 drone an amazing price-value ratio. However, due to some technical lacks the drone, won’t provide that high-quality footage like a 4K drone from DJI. The camera angle on the drone is adjustable, which is a great thing for professional photographers.

The FPV stream will be an inferior one to your final footage, to save power. So the FPV live on your drone will be on 720p. 

Others opinion about the drone: 

“This is the perfect drone for someone who wants to get into the whole hobby. Not only is it incredibly portable, but every aspect of it is well made and durable. I crashed it more than 3 times on my first test flight (you might say I am quite risky with my drones), and not one time did anything get damaged. Because the drone is so lightweight, basically all internal damage is prevented. The controller resembles something similar to a DJI Mavic, while still having very sophisticated controls. You can see the distance the drone is from you as well as some other telemetry such as the number of satellites. I also really liked the return to home feature. It basically kicks into place whenever you lose signal or press the button, and comes back to where it started. I found it to be pretty accurate and absolutely love it.

On to the actual footage, I have to say that I was impressed. While some of the colours are a little off, the quality is breathtaking. You can zoom in very close and it doesn’t even seem like you are losing quality at all. They are definitely not lying when they say 4K quality. Not only this, but the drone takes amazing pictures as well. I added some in the pictures if you want to see. I recorded directly to an SD card, and it came out great! Overall, this is an amazing drone and for the price, I would buy it right away! There’s really nothing to lose. It’s the best money will buy!” 

“Great quality right out of the box. The instruction manual is a good size that is actually readable without magnification, unlike my previous makes! No need to go thru lots of video snippets to get up and running, The ability to stream live or record using the onboard micro SD is perfect. The Drone is surprisingly sturdy, mine took a moderate hit on its second outing and was not even scratched. Ease of use is excellent, I read the manual and made a successful initial flight. Looking forward to getting better with my photography.” 


Let’s summarize what the drone is able to do. First of all, it has an amazing 4K capable camera, which pairs up with 16 minutes of flight time, and an 800-meter range. The drone is built from sturdy material and with powerful motors. The Contixo F30 drone will take you to a  whole new experience in the flight to the next level. Which makes it a perfect choice for beginners or experienced pilots.  

If you’re interested in buying the Contixo F30, you can buy it from Amazon.



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