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DEERC D10 Quadcopter Review


DEERC D10 Quadcopter Review 

The DEERC D10 Quadcopter’s targeted market is beginners. A professional filmmaker or photographer may not enjoy it, but someone with no prior experience in the drone industry will like it very much. Overall, there are no problems with the drone, only it’s can keep up with the high-end drones like the DJI Mavic Air which is an all-time favorite for drone users. 

The DEERC D10 however has a decent HD camera, which can make good aerial photos, two batteries which combined has a pretty good flight time. The only problem with the drone is the range and the motors. It has weak motors that can’t face any unusual weather conditions. And a professional photographer can’t always wait for nice weather to use his drone. That being said, let’s see all the pros and cons of the drone, so you may decide whether or not this drone is worth it for you. 


  • Video/Photo Resolution: HD 1280x720p 
  • Folded Size: 180x142x65mm
  • Unfolded Size: 340x340x65mm
  • Flight Time: 12-15mins/per battery
  • Control Distance: 100 meters
  • Foldable design
  • Weight: 160g

What’s in the box?

Deerc D10 Drone


3.7V Drone Battery (x2)

USB Charging Cable

Spare Propellers (x4)

Propeller Guards (x4)



Design and build 

Designwise this drone has everything you need from a drone. First of all, this is a foldable drone, which makes it easier to transport or to store.  When you fold the drone, the space it takes will be almost half, so you should definitely look for this feature when you’re buying a drone. When the drone is unfolded it measures 340x340x65mm, and when you fold it the drone will measure 180x142x65mm. 

In the package, you will have 4 spare propellers and 4 propeller guards. This means that you can bravely experiment with your skills with this drone because you will have protection and spare parts if needed. The shell of the drone is made out of ABS plastic, which is a durable and light material, perfect for drones. The coating on the drone has a black color which looks really good on drones. The power button can be found on the top of the drone. At the end of each arm, there is a bumper that protects the drone when landing. 


The transmitter is also a very well done device in the package. The remote controller is lightweight and fits just right in your hands. Besides the two joysticks, it has a button for the main functions, all of them enabled with small icons so you can learn easier the purpose of them. 

On the top, you can find the buttons for photo/video, and on the front, there are keys for take-off, landing, and headless mode. The intelligent flight features can be accessed only from the app. That being said, the company created an app for the drone which can give you access to the FPV and the smart features. For a better user experience, the transmitter has a foldable phone holder at the bottom. This way you have everything you need in one place. 

The remote controller works with a 2.4GHz which can provide a maximum range of 100 meters for the drone. The FPV for the camera has the same range. 


The battery provided for this drone is a lithium polymer 3.7V battery. A single battery can the drone 12 to 15 minutes of working time. But the company sends the package with 2 batteries as standard, so you will get around 24 minutes of flight time depending on the conditions. 

The batteries are modular ones, so they are safe to handle by everyone. The batteries can be changed in a few seconds. 


The camera on this thing is not the best you can have, but not the worst one either. The Deerc D10 comes with an HD 720p camera that can record in 1280 by 720P. This is only good for personal use and for fun. Usually, mobile phones make better pictures than that. 

The camera doesn’t have any stabilization system, so even small turbulence will create a blurry image. All the footage is stored on your phone, there is no possibility to store them on an SD card. But let’s see the bright part of everything, this way you can share your photos directly on your social media. 

Flight features 

Despite the low camera quality, the drone still has some flight features that you can use. 

Altitude Hold

This is the most basic, but most useful feature. When you let go of the controller the drone will stay in a place, so you don’t have to worry about holding the controller all the time. Also, in this way you can make better pictures. Unfortunately, this is not a GPS drone, so the drone may move a bit while hovering in the air. 

Headless Mode

When you press this button, the drone will automatically turn its face to you. 

One key take-off and landing

This is another basic function. When you wish to engage your flight, just press the button for this and the drone will get into the air. When you’re done with your flight session, the exact same button will land your drone to the ground.

Three-speed modes

The drone has 3 flight modes. This will help the beginners to learn how to fly a drone at a low speed.

Trajectory Flight

Open this feature, and on the presented map just draw a route and the drone will follow it. 

Voice and gesture commands

You can control the drone not just with the controller or the app, but with your voice and gestures as well. It can respond only to a limited number of commands, but it’s still something fun to have around.


Do you need to faa registration for this Deerc D10 drone?

  • You don’t need to have the FAA registration, as D10 is weight under 250 grams. 

Can I hook a GoPro to this drone?

  • No, it has a camera already built in just download the app. 

Where can I purchase extra propellers and screws?

  • On Amazon, there are extra props and prop guards sold by DEERC.

Does this have an audio recording?

  • Yes, it has an audio recording function, it can record your voice. 

Is this product durable?

  • Quite durable! 

Does this drone have a slot for a micro SD card?

  • No. Records directly to the phone. 


This drone is a good option for starters. It has everything a newbie might want from their drone. First of all, it has a low price, some really good features, a decent camera, protection and you experiment with the app as well. 

If you’re interested in buying the DEERC D10 you can do it on Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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deerc-d10-quadcopter-review DEERC D10 Quadcopter Review  The DEERC D10 Quadcopter’s targeted market is beginners. A professional filmmaker or photographer may not enjoy it, but someone with no prior experience in the drone industry will like it very much. Overall, there are no problems with the drone, only...



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