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GD91 Pro Quadcopter Review

GD91 Pro Quadcopter

GD91 Pro Quadcopter Review 

GD91 Pro Quadcopter is a skilled little quadcopter with amazing qualities. As the main aspects of the drone, the drone is able to perform track flight, 3D flip, signal photograph/video. And all that with a dual HD camera. Besides, this whole complex technology is so small that it can fit in your pocket or backpack. These specs make the drone a perfect tool for aerial photography and videography for your day to day life. 


  • Brushless motor: 1806
  • Video resolution: 4K (2160x3840P)
  • Lens angle: 118°
  • Video format: MP4, AVI
  • Unfolding Size: 42 x 35 x 7.8 cm
  • Folding Size: 17.2 x 11.5 x 7.8 cm
  • Remote controller bandwidth: 2.4G
  • Barometer: GPS / optical flow
  • WIFI receiving means: 5G
  • Turnable camera: 90°
  • Battery: 7.6V 3000mAh
  • Range: 1200 meters
  • FPV: 1200 meters
  • Flight time: About 25-28 min
  • Charging time: About 5 hours

What’s in the box?

  • GD91 PRO Brushless GPS Drone
  • Battery
  • Remote Control
  • 2 x Spare Fan Blade
  • USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Speaker, Airdrop, Watergun (Optional)

Design and build 

At first look of the GD91 PRO, you will see it’s cool black matte colour. The drone is supplemented with orange details which gives him a professional look. Another great spec about the build of the drone is the foldable build. When the drone is unfolded it measures 16.5 by 13.8 by 3.1 and when you fold it, it measures  6.8 by 4.5 by 3.1 inches. This way the drone can be folded almost in half which makes it more attractive and practical for users. 

The outside shell of the drone is made out of ABS plastic. This type of plastic is light enough not to place pressure on the motors and strong enough not to break in the case of a crash. Also, the shell is made by a 3D printer which is more accurate and ecological. 

GD91 Pro Quadcopter Design

The drone is powered with brushless motors. This type is way superior compared to the brushed motors. These make less noise, and they can generate more power with less maintenance. So when you’re looking for a drone make sure it has brushless motors. 

Also, the drone is built with a little extra. There is a possibility to place accessories on the drone like a speaker, airdrop or a water gun. These can be bought only from the manufacturer because they are made to be compatible with the drone, so they won’t fall down from the surface.

Remote Controller 

The remote controller is just as practical as the drone itself. First of all, it is foldable. Ont he bottom you can extract the phone holder which will give you a better user experience while watching the PFV. And on the top, you have foldable antennas. 

On the middle, you’ll find a little screen that will inform you about the telemetry data of the phone. On the sides, you’ll find the joysticks and the buttons dedicated to the different functions on the drone. It’s easy to learn the purpose of each button, but if you have difficulties you can consult the users manual. 

The controller works with a 2.4GHz wireless bandwidth which can give the drone 1.2 Km range. The FPV has the same distance in optimal circumstances. 


In the package next to the GD91 Pro Quadcopter, you will get a 2S 25C 7.6V 3000mAh battery. In optimal condition, this will get you around 28 minutes of flight time. This time is close to Mavic Air 2’s flight time from DJI, which is around 34 minutes. Except you can get the GD91 for a far cheaper time. out of the battery. However, the manufacturer says you will get 25 to 28 minutes of flight time.

The Charging time for a battery is 2 hours. The batteries are modular ones so you can remove them easily and charge them out of the drone. If you wish you can get multiple batteries with the drone, so you can multiple your flight time. 


The camera in this done is a really high-quality one. The drone is equipped with a 4K HD camera. This is considered a superior camera that can capture photos and videos in high-quality. The camera is supported by a 2-axis mechanical gimbal. So even when the drone faces small turbulences the image will be stabilized.  

The camera angle is also adjustable up to 90 degrees remotely. And the lens of the camera is angled at 118° so you will get a pretty large field of view. The drone also offers FPV. But for that, you have to download the app on your smartphone. 


The drone can do amazing things, but with the help of the intelligent flight options present in the drone, it will be easier to create amazing footage with the drone. The drone has the following features: Dual GPS/GLONASS Optical Positioning, Strong Wind Resistance, One key take-off and landing, Gesture Photos and Videos, Headless Mode, Smart Follow, GD91 Pro Follow Me, Trajectory Flight, Speed Regulation, Aircraft Retrieval. For a better understanding of these features make sure to read the users manual. 


This drone has a huge potential in it. It’s perfect for beginners of experienced pilots as well. It is a medium-sized drone with foldable features, so it’s a practical drone as well. It has a flight time of almost half an hour, a range more than 1Km, and all that with a 4K camera on. That being said, this drone won’t disappoint you for sure. 

If you want to buy the GD91 Pro Quadcopter you can do it on: Amazon, Amazon, Gearbest, Aliexpress.



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