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JJRC X17 Quadcopter Review


JJRC X17 Quadcopter Review 

Buying a drone is always a tough mission. You never know what are the real pros and cons of a drone unless you try it. That’s why we’re publishing these reviews on this site, so you find out ahead of time how different drones behave. Today we will take a closer look at the JJRC X17 Quadcopter to find out whether or not it is worth buying. 

One thing that we know for sure is that the JJRC is an emerging company that provides better and better drones. For example, the JJRC X11 was a huge hit with his modern foldable design and amazing 2K camera. And the JJRC X17 another drone from the JJRC’s X series won’t disappoint you either. It has an outstanding design and excellent features that you will enjoy for sure. But like all things in life, it has a bad part as well that we will discover later in this article. 


Motor Type: Brushless Motor 

Battery: 2850mAh

Product weight: 500g

Product size (L x W x H): 26.00 x 26.00 x 6.70 cm / 10.24 x 10.24 x 2.64 inches

Camera: 6K

Gimbal: 2-axis

Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control

Channel: 4-Channels

Transmitter Power: 2 x AAA battery 

What’s in the box?

JJRC X17 Quadcopter 

Remote Control

Propeller (x4)


USB Charging Cable

Battery (1 or 2 depending on your order) 

Carrying Case

JJRC X17 Package

Design and build 

The design of the drone is really outstanding. Most of the drones that you can find will come in black, grey, or white color, but not this one. The JJRC X17 Quadcopter can be ordered only in high vivid colors, the options are bright green and orange. Both of them are light and neon-like colors. This way it will surely stand out from the environment, and there’s no chance that you will lose it. Another great feature that you will immediately notice is the foldable design. The foldable drones are just as durable as regular drones, only they occupy less space when not used. The dimensions of the JJRC X17 is 26.00 x 26.00 x 6.70 cm / 10.24 x 10.24 x 2.64 inches  (L x W x H) when it’s unfolded, and weighs 500 grams. This means that the drone is pretty heavy, so you will have to register to the FAA. You might think it will be hard to transport it because of its dimensions. But you will get a storage bag in the package which will make it easier to transport your drone. 

The outside of the drone is made out of ABS plastic. Which is one of the most common plastic-type in this industry due to its lightweight and high resistance. The motors in the X17 are brushless motors, which are pretty tough motors with high durability and practicality. By this, I mean that they are pretty quiet motors and they don’t require such high maintenance.

Remote Controller 

The remote controller for this drone is a small, practical device that you will surely like. The controller works with 3x AAA cell batteries, but these are not included in the package, so you’ll have to get them on your own. 

The interface of the controller is quite efficient and user friendly. All the elements on the controller are easy to reach, so you have a nice, organic feel. Every button is enabled with small icons, so you can find out easily the purpose of each button. Also, there is a small LCD screen in the middle of the controller which is quite useful if you don’t want to attach your phone. On the screen, you will able to see all the crucial telemetry information about the drone.

If you wish to use your phone for the FPV then JJRC got your back. On the bottom side of the remote controller, there is a slideable part which works as an adjustable phone holder. This means that no matter how big your phone is, you can attach it to the controller. Also, on the top of the controller, there is a pair of foldable antennas. 

The controller works with a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, which is quite strong and can give your drone around 800 to 1000 meters of flight range depending on the environment you’re flying in. 


When you order the drone you select the number of batteries you wish to get with the drone. The batteries provided to the drone are 11.1V 2850mAh ones. These can give approximately 30 minutes of flight time. In more extreme conditions like a strong wind, or hot weather the battery can dry out faster. 

The battery is a modular one that is easy to handle, you can change the batteries in just a few seconds. To fully charge the battery you will need to charge it for 4 hours. To charge the battery use only the provided cables.


JJRC X17 Camera

The camera on this drone is a thing you will surely love. The main camera on the JJRC X17 is a true 6K camera, but only the photos will be in 6K  (5700 x 4275p), the videos are more like 2.7K (2688 x 1512p) qualities. The lenses prefer the bright daylight for photos and videos. The camera is built in such a way to be able to capture a field of view of 120° and the angle can be also adjusted vertically by 90°, from the controller.  

It is supported by a 2-axis gimbal that will give the camera some protection against shaking footage in turbulence. The camera can be connected to your phone, so you will have FPV on your drone. The range of the FPV is 800 meters. 


A good drone is nothing without proper flight functions that helps the pilot to take better photos and videos. There are two types of features on the drones. One of them is there to make a simpler task easier and your user experience more enjoyable. These features the following: GPS Positioning, Optical Flow Positioning, One Key Takeoff and landing, and Headless Mode. 

The other type of future is there to help you make better and more cinematic videos with just a press of a few buttons. These features are Smart Follow, Custom Route, and Orbit Flight Mode. These functions will perform complete movements that would be hard to recreate manually. 


This drone is a well-designed and built drone is his every aspect. It has a nice flight time and range as well. The camera is a 6K one, but only the photos will be in 6K, not the videos. Taking into consideration all these aspects we can say it’s a good drone, that is better than average. 

If you wish to buy the drone you can do it on Gearbest($185,99), Geekbuying($149.99) or Banggood($142.99).

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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jjrc-x17-quadcopter-review JJRC X17 Quadcopter Review  Buying a drone is always a tough mission. You never know what are the real pros and cons of a drone unless you try it. That’s why we’re publishing these reviews on this site, so you find out ahead of time...


  1. What is the bad part of this drone? And does this drone have a micro sd card slot? You forgot to mention that thing.

    • Yes, the drone has a Micro SD cart slot.
      The bad parts of this drone are:

      • You need a smartphone with 5G technology to get the best results from this drone
      • Smart flight modes don’t work properly sometimes
      • Issues with compass calibration
      • The real-time video-feed freezes frequently


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