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JJRC X18 Quadcopter Review


JJRC X18 Quadcopter Review

In today’s article we are going to talk about the JJRC X18 Quadcopter, which is a drone that offers impressive features, great flight functions, a good camera and it also comes at an amazing price. So, if you are a beginner or even a more experienced drone enthusiast in search for a drone that you can practice your piloting skills on and also have lots of fun, then follow this article because this quadcopter might be the one you are looking for. 


JJRC X18 Quadcopter Packaging

First thing first, we would like to start reviewing the drone’s package and also the accessories that come along with it. This is an important aspect that you should pay your attention to, before you are going to purchase your drone, the more accessories the drone has to offer the better it is. 

When your are purchasing the JJRC X18 Quadcopter you will receive it in its beautiful personalized box along with its remote controller, its battery, a traveling case that will be very useful to carry it from one place to another, 8 x propellers, 8 x screws, an USB charging cable, a screwdriver, and the user manuals. 

Design and built-in components 

 The JJRC X18 Quadcopter has a very beautiful design that offers it a professional look, having a pretty similar aspect as the popular DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter. It is very resistant to shock and small accidents due to its high quality ABS plastic that is made out of. It is a medium size, foldable drone, measuring 10.83 x 10.94 x 2.44 inches when fully expanded.

Being a foldable drone, carrying it from one place to another will be very easy to do for you. It has 4 rotor arms, each of them ending up with a brushless motor. Brushless motors are the best motor you could find on a drone because they offer a higher speed to your drone and also they are more efficient than the other motors. 

Its camera is situated in the front side of the drone offering  a wide view angle. Unfortunately the drone doesn’t have any built in landing pads so you should be careful when you finish your flying session. Another interesting point of this drone is that it comes with a built-in button for powering the drone on, making it a very good drone for beginners.

Battery and flight time 

JJRC X18 Quadcopter Battery

This quadcopter comes with a 7.6V lithium battery with a capacity of 1450 mAh that will offer you an amazing flight time of around 25 minutes. It is an impressive flight time for a drone, competing with the other professional drones on the market. Anyway, if you are looking for a much longer flight experience we recommend purchasing an extra battery in order to switch it with the first one when it runs out of power. The battery of this drone is modular, so switching with another one will take you a few seconds. 


JJRC X18 Quadcopter Camera

Camera represents a very important aspect to keep in mind when you are thinking about purchasing a drone. The JJRC X18 Quadcopter, comes with an amazing camera especially for beginners who are doing their first steps in aerial photography. The drone comes equipped with a built-in 2.7K HD camera, so you can capture amazing pictures of you or your friends and loved ones. 

Unfortunately, the camera can record videos only at resolution of 1080p, which still is very good. Another great feature of this camera that usually drone’s at its price tag do not have is that you can adjust the drone’s camera remotely, offering you a great help in capturing the best aerial photos and videos. 

Flight performance

One of the most important aspects of a drone is its flight performance. Based on the other user’s reviews we can say that JJRC X18 Quadcopter offers an amazing flight experience. The great flight experience is offered by its integrated GPS module which eliminates a large part of the manual flight controls and offers a precise positioning being connected to the satellites. Also due to its optical flow system the drone adjusts its internal air pressure level by itself. 

The brushless motors offer an amazing flight experience for the drone’s user. The drone flies smooth and fast, having a very strong propulsion force. The great advantage of these brushless motors is that they are long term resistant, meaning that purchasing this drone you will have a great functional drone for a long period of time. 

The JJRC X18 Quadcopter offers amazing intelligent flight modes that will help you get the most out of your flight experience and also the intelligent flight modes are a good way of increasing the quality to the aerial photos and videos you will take.

JJRC X18 Quadcopter Flight Modes

Orbit mode 

Orbit mode is a very important flight mode that will help you capture impressive video and photo footage. Simply select an object and the drone will start orbiting around it. 

Headless mode 

If somehow your drone is far away from you and controlling it becomes harder, headless mode comes in hand for you. Using the headless mode the drone’s will respect the remote controller’s orientation, not the way the drone is facing. 

Waypoint mode 

This is a great feature that will help you capture amazing videos and photos. In order to use this mode you will simply have to draw a map on the drone’s mobile app and press start. After that, the drone will start following the path by itself, so you can  focus better on capturing the greatest pictures or videos. 

Speed control 

Another great feature that will help all the drone users with less experience to increase their flying skills is the speed control. By using this flight function you can make the drone fly slower or faster. Beginners can start flying the drone with a slow speer and as they become better at flying it they can increase the speed. 


To sum up, we can say that the JJRC X18 Quadcopter is an amazing drone to have even if you are a beginner or a more experienced drone user. It has to offer amazing flight features  and because of its high quality built-in components we can say that this drone is one of the best you can find on the market at its price range. 

So, if you are interested in purchasing this amazing quadcopter you can find it at a great price on Amazon

FAQ: JJRC X18 Quadcopter 

Question: Will it store videos as well as pics on the phone via FPV?


Yes it will store videos and pics directly via FPV and does not require SD card.

Question: Do you need to charge battery before or can you start using the drone right out of the box..its a jjrc x-18 .?


Hi For a better flying experience, we suggest charging the battery before flying.

Question: Does this drone need to calibrate before takeoff?


Hi, Yes, it is GPS drone so it needs calibration to make it fly in corrent direction.

Question: How long does it take to fully charge and what’s the flight time?


The charging time is about 3 hours, which provides 25 mins flight time.

Question: I have a Samsung 8 phone, it is not 5g ready, will it work with this drone?


Hi, actually the 5GHz wifi mentioned is just a frequency but not 5G network, many cellphones in recent years do support searching 5GHz wifi so there’s no need to worry about that.

Question: Does it use the same batteries as the jjrc x5?


Hi, the battery for this drone is completely different from the X5 battery, but they are all modular in design. Incompatible with each other.

Question: How do you turne on the drone.


Long press the power button of the drone, the drone starts up. Have fun.

Question: What is just the drones weight?


Hi the bare metal weight is 197g.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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jjrc-x18-quadcopter-review JJRC X18 Quadcopter Review In today’s article we are going to talk about the JJRC X18 Quadcopter, which is a drone that offers impressive features, great flight functions, a good camera and it also comes at an amazing price. So, if you are a beginner...


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