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SANROCK B5W Quadcopter Review

SANROCK B5W Quadcopter

SANROCK B5W Quadcopter Review

In today’s article, we are going to discuss the beautiful, RTF drone SANROCK B5W Quadcopter, which is a great deal for every beginner drone enthusiast who wants to develop his piloting skills very fast. 

This quadcopter not only comes with a great and very impressive design that will capture your attention from the first sight, but it also has amazing built in components and performant flight features, which makes it a perfect drone to start your pilot experience with. So, follow this article in order to find out all the important aspects that you need to be aware of, so you can realize why this drone is one of the best you can find at its price range. 


The SANROCK B5W Quadcopter comes inside its beautiful branded box along with its controller, an USB Charger, a battery, 4 extra propellers and the user manual. All of these accessories will be very useful for you in the future if somehow, some of the drone’s parts will need to be replaced. 

Design and Built-in 

A very important aspect that matters a lot when you are purchasing a drone is its design and also, the built-in components that the drone comes with. Luckily, the SANROCK B5W Quadcopter comes with an amazingly beautiful design that offers it an UFO look and for sure it will capture your and your friend’s attention when you will see it for the first time. 

This drone measures 12.5 x 11.2 x 3.5 inches so it is not a small size drone and it weighs 1.5kg. Unfortunately, the drone is note foldable, so if you would like to carry it you will need a backpack. Being a heavy drone will offer you a greater flight experience, because it will be more stable against the winds.

It is a very resistant drone, being made out of high quality ABS plastic, so the inside components will be well protected if it happens to have some small accidents. And also its resistance increases due to its landing pads. 

Battery and flight time 

The drone comes with a 7.6V 2420mAh battery that will offer you a continuous flight experience of around 23 minutes. It is a great flight time for a drone at its price range because we usually find this flight time on more performant and expensive drones like DJI INSPIRE 2. But you can opt in for purchasing another battery if you are looking for a longer flight experience. Being a modular battery you can very easily add or remove it from your drone.

Camera quality 

One of the greatest features of this drone is its camera. The SANROCK B5W Quadcopter offers a real 4K camera that will help you create amazing videos and photos at a very good quality, almost as a professional drone.

SANROCK B5W Quadcopter Camera

The videos and photos will be very smooth and still because this drone is also equipped with a 3-axis gimbal that offers a great help for you to get your footage with no distortion. With a wide field of view at 120 degrees the quadcopter will offer you great images and videos with an amazing background. 

In order to store your photos you have two options. You can store them straight on your smartphone, but the resolution will be 1920 by 1080P, or if you are looking for an even greater quality you will have to save them on an TF card, that will offer a resolution of 3840 by 2160P to your photos and 4K for the videos at 30 fps.

Flight experience 

The SANROCK B5W Quadcopter offers an amazing flight experience, being very easy to control even by the users with little or no experience at all. Also it has a large number of flight functions that will help you offer an amazing experience and a higher quality of you video and photo footage. 

Stable hovering 

It is a great feature to use for capturing still videos and also it represents a great help for beginners who are looking for improvement in their piloting skill. Due to its optical flow and altitude hold technology, the drone will hover at an exact altitude chosen by the user. 

Follow me mode 

It is another great feature to have especially if you enjoy recording yourself when you are doing outdoor activities. In order to use this mode you will have to choose an object on the drone’s mobile app, and the drone will start following the object, maintaining a respectful distance. 

GPS return 

SANROCK B5W Quadcopter GPS Return

When the drone is out of its signal area or the battery is low, it will automatically come back to its controller in order to not lose it. Also you can push the return home button from the remote controller if you want the drone to come back to you by itself. 

Orbit mode

Is another great feature to have on a drone, especially if you are looking for creating impressive video footage. To use this mode, you have to choose and object using the mobile app and the drone will start orbiting around it. 

Trajectory Flight mode 

It is a great mode to use for creating impressive video or photo content. To use it you will have to draw a map on the mobile app and the drone will start following the path you have drawn by itself, so you can focus better on capturing the greatest angles for your photos. 


As we saw above the SANROCK B5W Quadcopter is an amazing drone that offers a large amount of impressive flight features being also made out of high quality products. It is a very resistant drone and because of its 4K camera, this drone is a perfect match for every beginner but also for more experienced drone users. 

If you are interested in purchasing this drone, you can find it at a great price on amazon.

FAQ: SANROCK B5W Quadcopter

Question: does it include propeller protection guard?


No it does not

Question: I want to use this for automotive tracking shots. What is its top speed in follow-me mode?

Answer: I don’t think it is fast enough for that

Question: do any of these come with a video display? to me they are useless without one


Hi, the you could use cell phone to record video and dispaly on your phone. And you also could record by SD Card then display on computer.

Question: How hard is it to setup and start flying asap?


Hi, before flight you should read the owners manual first and get registered with the FAA if you live in the USA. You will need to wait for your battery to charge (about 6-8 hours) Go through the pairing and setup routine and then you should be ready to fly.

Question: How to get extra battery?


Hi, please contact with service@isanrock.com for extra battery.

Question: Can I control with direction, height and speed (and others) using the app only (without the control remote as shown in the image)?


Hi, yes you could control drone by app only.

Question: Is this wind resistent?


Hi the b5w is wind resitent , and between 6 and 10 you will need to keep on top of it. Past 10 you’re grounded.

Question: How to connect with drone and controller?


Follow the instructions. Every time you will put the battery in, you need to repeat the two steps to connect with the remote.

At first I thought the drone is bad and almost about to return…

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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sanrock-b5w-quadcopter-review SANROCK B5W Quadcopter Review In today’s article, we are going to discuss the beautiful, RTF drone SANROCK B5W Quadcopter, which is a great deal for every beginner drone enthusiast who wants to develop his piloting skills very fast.  This quadcopter not only comes with a great...


  1. I bought the sanrock bugs 5w. It an awesome drone. I got a gift card for my purchase with 1) Extra battery 2) Cash$ . I would like to get an extra battery.


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