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FullSpeed TinyLeader Whoop Review

FullSpeed TinyLeader Whoop

FullSpeed TinyLeader Whoop Review  

If you’re looking for a Whoop drone, there are a line of features that your drone needs to have. Luckily the FullSpeed TinyLeader Whoop has all the features you need from a tiny drone. First of all, it has a propeller guard, which makes the drone perfect even for beginners. But of course, you need more information in order to get a drone. But fear no more, in this article we will show you everything you will need to know about FullSpeed TinyLeader Whoop. 

We have reviewed many Tiny Whoop over the years, like the BetaFPV Meteor65 Whoop Drone. And they are all really good drones that could offer you a lot of joy. And almost all the whoops have the same specs. So at this point, all that matters is your opinion about the drones. The TinyLeader 75mm whoop drone will come out in 3 variants. For the transmitter, you can opt for DSMX, FlySky, or FrSky radio receiver. Besides, they also offer an “HD” version if you care for the footage with a 1080@60fps onboard recording.


  • Whoop alike ducted blade guards and protective canopy;
  • 75mm wheelbase;
  • FSD408 (F411 FC) flight controller w/ built-in OSD;
  • FullSpeed FSD408 BLHELI_S 4in1 ESC;
  • 11000KV brushless motors with connectors;
  • FSD TX600 switchable 5.8G/48CH VTX;
  • Caddx Micro F2 camera or Caddx Turtle V2 (HD);
  • Camera angle adjustment;
  • Optional Frsky, Flysky, or DSMX radio receiver. 

Design and build 

The drone comes in a white&yellow color combination. The canopy that protects the insides and the camera is made with a 3D print technology. Under the canopy, you will find the VTX antenna. Also, you can find the micro USB firm on the right side of the FSD408 Flight Controller. There is no light to show you the changes, but if your drone is connected to the FPV you will see all the changes right on the screen. 

As for the build, in order to keep the drone light but still durable the drone is made from a mix of carbon fiber and plastic. The frame below is a simple 1mm carbon frame, where each duct system is fixed with 3 screws. And to make sure the drone survives all the crashes, the blade protectors have 5 branches.  

The motors on the TinyLeader are 11000KV motors connected to the ESC through a 3 position plug. The motors are connected to 4 leaf/40 mm propellers which are ideal for a drone like this. Due to the high-power demand from the motors, the drone is power by an XT30 battery connector. FullSpeed suggests using the TinyLeader quadcopter with a 2s/300mAh or 2s/450mAh LIPO battery.

If you look at the drone you may observe that the drone has an asymmetrical X design. The distance between the front arms are 72 mm, and between the rear ones is only 52 mm. This way the camera can have a free view, without having the arms or the propellers in front of the camera.  


Like other Whoop drones, the FS TL is also equipped with the Caddx Micro F2 camera. Caddx is a relatively new name in the racing quadcopter industry. In the past, they produced security cameras, but now they have decided to create FPV cameras as well.  In addition to the low latency, the camera provides excellent video quality and a strong connection. 

The FSD TX600 video transmitter is capable to provide up to 600mW broadcast power, but the optimal is to stay under 200mW. Higher power doesn’t mean longer range. In most cases, when increasing the TX power you will get a shorter flight time. For the best range is use a good quality diversity receiver to match the TX and RX antennas. The Transmission power (blue), channels (red), and bands (green) can be adjusted via the VTX button and on the remote controller. 

All the important information like the aircraft name, elapsed flight time, and battery voltage OSD values are displayed on the FPV goggles. The OSD screen can be customized through BetaFlight. 

Flight performance

The drone can be used in two modes: angle and acro. In angle mode the drone is more stable and easy to control, the gyro also works really well. In acro mode, you can unleash your creativity and with the drone whatever you want.

The drone is small, but it needs a big, open space to properly work. Although, Indoors it may be dangerous to use the drone. You can feel how much power the 2s give the drone, and it feels just amazing. 


In conclusion, Compared to other Whoops, theTinyLeader has lots of power for a 2s. It has a really nice design, that matches with a great build. The drone flies really well and has a lot of power within. The drone is durable, it will survive most of the crashes. 

The only bad thing about the package that FullSpeed couldn’t include any set of spare props and multiple batteries. 

If you wish to buy the FullSpeed TinyLeader Whoop quadcopter you can do it on Geekbuying.

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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fullspeed-tinyleader-whoop-review FullSpeed TinyLeader Whoop Review   If you’re looking for a Whoop drone, there are a line of features that your drone needs to have. Luckily the FullSpeed TinyLeader Whoop has all the features you need from a tiny drone. First of all, it has a propeller...


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