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Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter Review

Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter

Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter Review

Are you looking for an amazing micro drone that you can use for indoor flying? Then, you should follow this article, because we are going to review the beautiful Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter. The micro drone is a brushless motor quadcopter that offers an amazing flight experience. 

The great thing that makes this drone special besides its beautiful design, is the well-balanced flight experience it offers. It is perfect for indoor flying. The tiny whoop offers you the ability to choose from a large variety of country design options.

So, if this drone has already captured your attention, stay with us because we are going to present every small detail about it. 

Package content

When you are thinking about purchasing a new drone, you will also need to pay attention to the accessories that come along with it. Luckily, the Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter comes with a great number of accessories on the side. They will be very helpful to you in the future. 

The drone comes inside its beautiful branded box. Inside the box, you will also find its remote controller, the user manual, and 3 250mAh 1S batteries. You will also find some rubber bands, extra screws, and an extra set of propellers, in order to replace the first one if you need it. 

So, as we can see, purchasing this drone will also offer you many important accessories in order to not worry about investing extra money on spare parts in the future.  


Talking about its design, we can say that the EachineUS65 Racing Quadcopter is very beautiful. It has a pretty similar shape to the other tiny whoops you can find on the market, but it is a little more professional. It offers a large variety of color designs in order to choose the perfect one for your needs. 

Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter Hold In Hand

In the center of the drone, you will find its FPV camera, which will offer you an amazing experience. Being situated in the center of the drone offers a great advantage because it has a perfect wide-angle. Being a quadcopter it has four brushless motors on each corner of the drone, that will help you get a great flight.

More than that, the drone’s propellers will be protected. This drone’s design offers some prop guards in order to keep them safe from the small accidents that might occur.

Built-in Components

The tiny whoop features 19.000 KW 0603 brushless motors which are very powerful to have on such a small drone. They will offer you an amazingly easy to control flight. Also, they are definitely better than the brushed motor that you usually find on other whoop models. 

When it comes to its weight, this drone has only 28 grams with the battery included. It is one of the lightest micro drones on the market. Because of its weight, flying it outside the house might be difficult especially in windy conditions. If the weather is fine you can enjoy a great flight experience. Anyway, it is recommended to fly it indoors in order to not lose it. 

The drone features a Crazybee all-in-one F3 board having a 1.2 version that also has a built-in receiver. Depending on the version you choose it might be Flysky or Frsky. On its board, you will also find its ESC along with its SPI receiver. More than that it also has a built-in 40 channel 25 milliwatts VTX which is connected to the smart audio. 

Camera quality 

The Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter has a great CMOS camera which offers decent quality. You will get an amazing first-person view experience using it. The camera’s output power is 25mW with a frequency of 40 Channels. 

Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter

It has a field of view of 120 degrees and a resolution of 700TVL. It will offer you a great visual experience being pretty similar to the cameras of the other similar whoops on the market. Another great aspect of the drone’s camera is that it can be adjusted in order to get the best view. 


The Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter runs on 250mAh LiPo batteries and the great thing about this drone is that it comes with 3 such batteries, offering you a longer flight experience to enjoy.  The great thing about having more than one modular battery is that you can easily switch them when one of them runs out of power and continue your flight experience. 

Flight Experience

The small quadcopter offers an amazing flight experience, being very easy to control. Due to its 19000KV brushless motors the drone is not only more efficient but it is also more powerful and offers a faster speed that the other whoops on the market that feature brushed motors.

You can also enjoy the turtle mode if you are looking for a more interesting flight experience. It is great for flying it around the house offering you lots of fun. Also you can increase your entertainment level by using the FPV experience. 


To sum up, the Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter is a really impressive micro drone. It has a large amount of high-quality built-in components. The camera offers decent quality and a great FPV experience and more than that it is perfect for indoor flying. Taking into consideration its price and comparing it with the other drones at a similar price range, we can conclude that this tiny whoop is a great deal.

So, if you are interested in purchasing this drone, you can find it at a great price on Banggood on the following links: Link 1 or Link 2.

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eachine-us65-racing-quadcopter-review Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter Review Are you looking for an amazing micro drone that you can use for indoor flying? Then, you should follow this article, because we are going to review the beautiful Eachine US65 Racing Quadcopter. The micro drone is a brushless motor...


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