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Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter Review

Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter

Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter Review

Are you a beginner searching for an affordable drone to start your piloting experience with? Then, your research might stop here because the Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter might be the perfect one for you. It is a small size drone that features many impressive components in order to offer a great flight experience to its user.

More than that the quadcopter has a very beautiful and professional design and a great camera. It will help you capture the best moments very easily. If this drone already made you curious about it then you should follow this article until the end. You will find out every important aspect that makes this drone so special. 


A very important aspect that everyone should pay attention to before purchasing a drone is its packaging and the accessories. Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter comes inside its beautiful personalized box along with its transmitter, a phone holder, 2 x propeller guards, 4 x extra propeller blades, 2 x extra landing feet, 4 x extra motor gears, 2 x 3.7V 650mAh Li-Po batteries, a charging cable, a screwdriver, and the user manual. 

As we saw above, this drone offers a large range of useful accessories. They will come in hand for you perfectly as the time passes, so you can enjoy the drone for a longer period of time.

Design and Built-in Components 

HS110D is a small size drone measuring 30 x 30 x 6 centimeters and it weights only 145g. Being so small and lightweight transporting it from one place to another is very easy. When it comes to its design, we can say that it looks very professional and beautiful as well. The drone looks pretty similar to the popular DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone. It has a beautiful black color that offers it an amazing look.  

Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter And Remote Controller

By being a quadcopter, the drone features 4 rotor arms, each one of them ending up with a motor, its propellers and a propeller guard. In the front side of the drone you will find its camera which will help you capture impressive videos and photos. 

On the bottom side of the quadcopter are its landing feet which will offer a smooth landing to the drone. They will also protect its camera and its bottom side from scratches as well. 

Battery and Flight Time

The great thing about this drone is that it comes with 2 batteries instead of 1. Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter comes along with 2 x 3.7V 650mAh LiPo batteries. They will offer you a continuous flight experience of around 9 minutes each of them. So, you will get a total flight time of around 18 minutes with a charging time of 60 minutes for each battery. 

By taking into consideration its price range and the flight time offered by the other drones at a similar price, we can say that HS110D Quadcopter provides a really impressive flight time.

The batteries are modular ones being very easy to remove when you will need to replace them. Also, if you are interested in an even longer flight experience you can also opt-in for purchasing other extra batteries. 

Camera Quality 

The Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter comes with a built-in camera with a wide-angle of view at 120 degrees. This camera will help you capture great HD videos at a great resolution of 1280 by 720p.

Also, by using its 2MP camera you can capture impressive still photos of you, your family, or your friends. It is a great drone to have if you want to record birthday parties or to capture amazing aerial landscapes. 

Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter Camera

The greatest thing about this drone‚Äôs camera is that you can enjoy an amazing First Person View experience. By pairing it with your smartphone you get the chance to stream the video live. 

Flight performance

When it comes to the flight experience offered by this quadcopter we can say that it is really impressive. The drone comes with much high quality built components that help it deliver an amazing flight experience. More than that, it also can perform different flight modes that you usually find on more professional drones. 

One of the great and most useful flight modes of the drone is the altitude hold because it not only helps you take better videos and photos, but it is also very helpful for practicing your piloting skills.

The drone also features return home mode, which will help the drone find its path back to you by itself. Four-speed choices are very good for beginners, and the headless mode as well. 


As we saw above the Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter is a really impressive drone for every beginner who wants to start his piloting experience, but it can also be a good choice for the more advanced pilots.

The camera of the drone offers great footage and due to its great number of flight modes and by comparing it with the other drones on the market we can say that this quadcopter is a really good deal. 

If you are interested in purchasing this drone you can find it at a great price on Amazon.

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holy-stone-hs110d-quadcopter-review Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter Review Are you a beginner searching for an affordable drone to start your piloting experience with? Then, your research might stop here because the Holy Stone HS110D Quadcopter might be the perfect one for you. It is a small size drone...


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