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SIMREX X20 Quadcopter Review

SIMREX X20 Quadcopter

SIMREX X20 Quadcopter Review

Are you in search of a drone with great features, which offers a good flight time and it also comes at an affordable price? Then, your searching might stop here, because the SIMREX X20 Quadcopter might be the one you are looking for. 

SIMREX X20 Flying

In this article, we are going to discuss the main features of this impressive quadcopter in detail. More than that, we are going to describe and analyze in detail every small component and specification in order to help you make the decision if this drone is suitable for you or not.

So, stay with us and you will find out everything you need to know about the SIMREX X20 Quadcopter before you are going to purchase it. 

Drone’s Packaging 

A very important factor that everyone should pay attention too, before purchasing a new drone is its packaging and the accessories that come along with it. The more accessories the package contains the more money you will save in the future.

Luckily, the SIMREX X20 Quadcopter comes is a very beautiful branded box and it also comes along with a great number accessories, such as: its controller, that also has a phone holder, a charging cable, a battery, eight propellers, four propeller protection frames and the user manual. 

As we can see, beside the usual four propellers that you usually receive when you are purchasing a drone, this drone comes along with another four propellers that you can use to replace the first ones, if they break. 

SIMREX X20’s Battery 

A really impressive thing that offers this drone a competitive advantage is its flight time. The X20 performs a continuous flight time of around 30 minutes, which is an amazing flight time that is usually offered by more expensive and professional drones such as DJI Mavic Air 2, DJI Mavic 2 pro or many others. 

A great advantage of this drone’s battery is that it is a modular one. By being a modular battery, it is not just easier to insert or remove it from the drone, but it is also safer to use. Also if the drone’s flight time is not enough to you and  you are looking for a longer flight time you should purchase another one or to extra batteries, in order to replace them with the first one when it runs out of power. 

X20’s Design and Built-in Components

A great thing about this drone is that it comes ready to fly. So, you will have to simply take it out of its box, set up its propellers and you can start flying it around. 

When it comes to the drone’s design, we can say that it looks really good, having a futuristic look. It is a foldable drone and also due to its reduced size, carrying it around will not represent a problem, being very easy to be packed.

The X20 is available in two colors, grey or black, both of them offering it a stylish look, pretty similar to the other professional drones you can find on the market. In the front side of the drone, you will find its camera, which will help you capture amazing pictures, from different angles.

Camera Quality

The SIMREX X20 Quadcopter features a real 4K camera that offers really impressive high quality photos and videos. The camera operates on a 2-axis gimbal and improves the pictures and videos quality even more. The gimbal has great importance, offering to the camera a better stability.

SIMREX X20 Camera

Due to the gimbal there will be almost no shakiness in the pictures or the videos taken by the drone’s camera. Also, the manufacturer says that you will not be disappointed by the camera of this drone for sure. 

In order to save the footage taken with the camera at the highest quality, you will have to use an SD card. You can also opt in for storing the footage directly on your smartphone but the quality will drop a little. More than that, you can also enjoy an amazing first person view experience with this drone.

Flight Experience and Flight Functions

The drone has a great flight performance due to its brushless motors which makes it faster and more efficient as well. It also features low and high speed modes, making it a perfect choice for every beginner who is looking for a great drone to start his piloting experience with. 

X20 also features a large number of intelligent flight modes, which provide a great help to its user in capturing better photos and videos, control it way easier and also it has safe functions that will help the user to not lose it. 

Altitude hold – is a flying mode, which comes in hand for every beginner who wants to get an easier control over the drone. By using this mode, the drone will start to hover by itself at a certain altitude chosen by its user. 

Headless mode – this mode makes the drone align to the position of its pilot, offering better control.

One key take off and landing – this feature helps you start and launch the drone with one key press. By pressing it the drone will take a certain high and it will hover by itself, waiting for you to control it. 

Follow me mode – is another amazing flight function that will help you capture stunning videos of you and your friends. By using this mode you will have to choose an object on the drone’s app, and the drone will start following and recording the object keeping a certain distance away from it. 


Taking into account everything presented above, we can conclude that the SIMREX X20 Quadcopter is a really impressive drone that has a lot to offer to its users. Its features are amazing, its components have a high quality and due to its 4K camera that will offer you amazing footage and its great flight modes as well, we can definitely say that this drone is a great deal not only for every beginner but also for more experienced users as well. 

If you are interested in purchasing this quadcopter you can find it on Amazon at a great price. 

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simrex-x20-quadcopter SIMREX X20 Quadcopter Review Are you in search of a drone with great features, which offers a good flight time and it also comes at an affordable price? Then, your searching might stop here, because the SIMREX X20 Quadcopter might be the one you are...


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