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Visuo K1 Pro Quadcopter Review

Visual K1 Pro Quadcopter

Visuo K1 Pro Quadcopter Review

The Visuo K1 Pro Quadcopter is a very special drone. It stands out both in his build and his capabilities. First of all, this is a two-camera drone, but there are some essential differences between the two cameras. However, we will talk about this later in this review. Second, this is a very nice-looking drone, that has is foldable in multiple points. Also, the drone is stuffed with intelligent flight features and the best part is that you can order the drone with multiple batteries. And all this for under $250.


WiFi frequency: 5G

Max flying time: About 25-28 min

Motor: Brushless

TF card: Support 32G memory card

Battery: 11.1V 2500mAh

Charging time: About 120min

Battery size: 10.5x5x4.5cm

Drone size: 10x18x7.5cm (folded); 38×38.5×7.5cm (unfolded)

Main Camera: 4K

Photo resolution: 4096x3072P

Video resolution: 2048X1080P

Second camera resolution: 1280x720p

2-axis Stabilized Gimbal

Control distance (Free interference and no occlusion) : About 600m

Max image transmission distance: 500m

Remote Control: Frequency 2.4G 

What’s in the box?

RC drone


Drone battery (the amount is depending on your order)

4x Spare propeller

USB charging cable


Storage bag


Design and build 

Like most of the modern drones, the K1 Pro is a foldable drone. The drone can be folded in 3 ways, first the arms, then the bumpers, and lastly the propellers. This way the drone can be reduced to a really small size so you can store and transport it easier. When it’s folded it measures 10x18x7.5cm, so it can fit in almost any backpack. When you unfold it will measure 38×38.5×7.5cm. With the battery and all, the drone weighs almost 500g, so you will definitely need an FAA registration if you don’t want to get a fine. 

The drone is powered with an 1806 1200KV set of motors, which is more than enough for a drone with these dimensions. You will be able to control it easily, even if there is some small wind out there. The drone has some foldable bumpers, and I would suggest unfolding those before every flight session, because the camera is suited under the drone, and if there are no bumper you can easily damage it.

Finally, regarding the design, the drone comes in a nice black coating, with minor grey details. The drone is made out of durable ABS plastic which does not crack under pressure but keeps the drone lightweight. 


The remote controller looks pretty similar to the drone itself in design. It has a geometric design and it comes in black just like a quad. In order to power up the transmitter, you will need 4xAA batteries, unfortunately, there are not included in the package. The transmitter works with 2.4 GHz bandwidth and can give you a max flight range of 600m.

K1 Pro Remote Controller

On the controller, you can find all the essential components such as the two joysticks for the controls. The right one controls the direction, the left one controls the throttle. On the right upper side, there is a roller for adjusting the speed. On the left edge, there is another roller for adjusting the camera remotely. Also, there are different buttons for your flight features such as headless mode, return to home, one key take-off and landing, and so on. 

In the middle, you will find a foldable smartphone holder, where you can place your phone no matter its size. This feature of the controller comes especially useful when you connect your phone to the FPV so you can see the live feature of the camera. And last but not least, there is a small LCD screen in the middle to display that shows you all the important statistics such as height, distance, remaining voltage, and other details.


As we said you can order the drone with multiple batteries. You can select the package with on

e, two, or three batteries. There are all modular batteries, so you can change them in no time, this way you can multiple your flight time easily. One battery needs about 2 hours for a full charge, and it can be charged with any smartphone micro USB cable.

Each battery is an 11.1V 2500mAh Li-ion battery, and one battery can give you around 25 minutes of flight time. However, the time is depending on a lot of factors such as your flight style, the weather, the resolution of the footage, and so on. 


The quadcopter comes with two cameras. However the secondary camera is more like a depth sensor, but you can still make lower quality images with it. But let’s start with the main camera. The primal camera can record photos and videos in a 4K quality, just like a Mavic Air. The camera is supported by a mechanical 2-axis gimbal to eliminate distortion from your footage and maintains its orientation. The pictures and videos taken with the K1 are clear, and it’s able to capture vivid details such as color and others. The second camera is placed at the bottom of the drone and can capture only in 720p, which is kinda disappointing.

k1 Pro 4K HD Camera

The camera system has a 5GHz wireless image transmission which can be accessed through your phone. You have to download the dedicated app for the drone and connect to it, through wifi and then you can enjoy the FPV feature. The live transmission from the camera works for only 500 meters, so make sure you’re always in range. 

Flight experience 

The brushless motors on the drone do a pretty good job when it comes to controlling the drone. The drone is responsive and can fly pretty fast in the fastest speed mode. That being said don’t forget that this is not a toy. You can cause serious harm to your drone, or the environment. So please always take safety precautions, and only fly in the permitted areas. Exactly these are the reasons why the manufacturer set an age rating of 14 years for this drone. 

However, the drone is not hard to control, you just need to be careful. The drone is set with a bunch of flight features such as  GPS Positioning, Circle Flight, Waypoint Mode, Smart Follow, Optical flow positioning, Gesture Shooting, and so on. These will help you a lot in controlling the drone and making it easier to make awesome aerial footage.


The drone is a really well built and can bring you a lot of joy if it’s properly used. The quad has enough safety features and speed limits so you can take from the beginning and learn the basics of the drone. But don’t forget that the drone has a 4K camera, and a lot of smart flight features. That being said, the drone is a good match for both beginners and intermediate users.
If you’re interested in the drone go and check it out on Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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visuo-k1-pro-quadcopter Visuo K1 Pro Quadcopter Review The Visuo K1 Pro Quadcopter is a very special drone. It stands out both in his build and his capabilities. First of all, this is a two-camera drone, but there are some essential differences between the two cameras. However, we...


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