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EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5 Freestyle Quadcopter Review


EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5 Freestyle Quadcopter Review

If you have a passion for freestyle fly mode, but your budget doesn’t seem to be your best supporter, the EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5 Freestyle Quadcopter has got your back. Even though it might be hard to believe because of the small size, this drone actually performs at pretty high rates. This is especially because one of EMAXs goals is to create small drones that not only perform as good as the big ones, but actually outshine them.

With this in mind, we advise you to follow through with this review if you want to be convinced about the pros and cons of this quadcopter.

Measurements3.5 by 4.1 by 0.7 inches (L by W by H)
Weight79g (battery included)
Camera600TVL CMOS
Channels 37CH
Smart Audio Yes
Flight timeup to 7 minutes
Flight controllerF4 (MATEKF411RX Firmware)
ReceiverEMAX SPI 
Batteries2x 1S 450mAh Lipo
PropellerAVAN Rush, 2.5 inch, 3 blades

Design and motors

Not only is the drone small (as we previously stated), but it is also lightweight. We have to give the props for this one to carbon fiber. The resilient and light as a feather material makes sure that the drone lifts up in the sky easily and in case that it comes down too quickly there won’t be any significant damage. Typically, most drones are made of ABS plastic, but the biggest downside with this material is its fragility, as it can burst open with any accident.


The white color isn’t by chance either. The EMAX engineers have confirmed that the choice was made to match the Tinyhawk line of products and it also has a name: the storm trooper! We bet that the StarWars fans will hardly resist this detail.

There weren’t any exceptions on the motors either. With the EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5 Freestyle model you get brushless motors of the highest quality that don’t require too much grooming. The biggest advantage with this kind of motors is that even though they give the same performance as brushed ones, they don’t consume the battery as much. 


Behind all the great specifications that target the size and speed of the EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5 Freestyle, we have to remember that this is still a camera drone. It is possible that the CMOS model mentioned in the specifications table to be the latest generation that has a better resolution and both photo and video quality, compared to all of the models that came before. Also, it has a wide-angle lens, so if you plan to use this drone for FPV reasons too, you will benefit from a detailed, vividly colored image. Another feature is the smart audio which, ironically, does not really have anything to do with the sound in your video. What this does is make the communication between the controller and drone stronger. So if you would want to modify any settings of your video transmitter, you could do it through the remote controller. 


Battery and flight time details

If you haven’t gathered too much information about freestyle quadcopters before, you might think that 7 minutes of assisted flight time is too little. Well, the truth is that 7 minutes is actually a good amount of time, considering that, in general, most freestyle drones have about 6 minutes flight time in assisted mode.

In freestyle mode, the flight time reduces to 5 minutes, but we still can’t complain. The silver lining comes with the charger, as the batteries are back to 100% in just 30 minutes. After all, the biggest purpose this drone has to serve is fun, so these times should be a good fit.


The receiver is small, but we couldn’t expect anything else. If you want to bind it with D8 or D16, you will have to change the settings in BetaFlight. Even so, it shouldn’t be too complicated as D8 and D16 are popular receivers in the freestyle world, so there is a lot of information available online.

Pros vs. cons

Well, the biggest and most obvious advantage is that it flies exceptionally well. Sadly, this comes with a negative side: because it is so light, it can fly away easily and you can even lose it if the fail-safe return feature doesn’t work. There were actual reviews that reported this happening. We guess it depends a little on luck too. Consequently, it can be a little difficult to handle for beginners. 

Still, the FPV experience that it offers is quite fun. Also, you can get a longer fly time thanks to the dual battery connection. Of course, the camera specifications could be better, but we still can’t complain too much.

Some extras you can get that can prove to be quite useful are the high quality case that can be used for storage and/or transportation and the spare set of propeller blades, in case some horrific accident takes place.


Who is it fit for?

This subject is a little controversial. EMAX engineers state that this model was built with beginners in mind, especially because of the carbon body, that resists through the hard crashes typically observed in freestyle beginners.

Even so, many owners recommend that you shouldn’t put your hands on this drone without some serious research first, simply because it is so performant that it can easily take you by surprise and you might end up losing it. Because of this, make sure you read the manual in detail and even follow a few Youtube videos before you decide to put it up in the sky. We advise you this simply because this quadcopter can be hard to fly. Also, make sure the weather is good and you aren’t surrounded by any big trees and buildings and keep the drone within sight.
All in all, if you think you are ready to test out this drone, you can find it at a really good and fair price on getfpv. We are looking forward to your opinion! Have fun!

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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emax-tinyhawk-2-5-freestyle-quadcopter EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5 Freestyle Quadcopter Review If you have a passion for freestyle fly mode, but your budget doesn't seem to be your best supporter, the EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5 Freestyle Quadcopter has got your back. Even though it might be hard to believe because of...


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