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Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7 Racing Quadcopter Review


Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7 Racing Quadcopter Review

Just by looking at the Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7 Racing Quadcopter, you can say that it is a really unique and special drone. This small drone is available in two amazing colors, gold or titanium which makes it offer an amazing first impression for anyone. 

It has a great design looking like a racing drone and you will notice that once you start it. This drone does not want to offer a slow-flight experience to its users. Vampire2 HD is available in two power versions 4s and 6s depending on your needs and you can also choose between 3 package options: the TBS Crossfire, BNF-DJI, and BNF with the DJI goggles.

This small racing drone does not only look amazing but it also comes with some really interesting and high-quality components, like an integrated DJI air unit, high-quality hardware, and also everything will be controlled by its GOKU F405 flight controller, in order that you to get the most out of your piloting experience. 


The Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7 Racing Quadcopter is a lightweight racing drone. It was created with passion and attention in order to perform and offer an amazing flying experience. The drone’s frame is made from carbon fiber which is lighter than the ABS plastic and it is also reinforced with some 3D printed plastic parts in order to offer great protection to the drone’s inside components. 

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Vampire2 HD weighs 366 grams without a battery and 550 grams with its battery on. The quad is also equipped with 1750KV NIN 2306.5 brushless motors. And in order to make the flights more enjoyable to watch, it has some beautiful RGB led lights. 

Battery and Flight Time   

The drone comes without any battery and you will have to choose between the 4S one or the 6S one. The 4S battery has a capacity of 1300mAh that will offer you a continuous flight time at the highest speed of around 6 minutes. It straps to the underneath of the drone having a buckle that will keep the battery stable and safe. 

So you will have to worry about losing the battery at all when you are flying the drone because even at the highest speeds its battery will remain intact and secure. 

Flight Controller

The quality of the drone’s flight controller is critical because its main purpose is to direct the RPM of the motors to move faster or slower. Luckily, the Flywood Vampire 2 HD Racing Quadcopter comes with the amazing GOKU F7 Flight controller which is one of the best you can have on your drone, offering you amazing control over the drone.

More than that, another important feature that you should be aware of is the Bluetooth configuration module. It is integrated into the flight controller.


In the drone’s package, you should find the TPU mount. Which is a titanium mount that will help the camera to remain stable when the drone is flying. More than that, the camera is well protected all around. In order to be resistant in case of crashes that might occur. 


The Flywood Vampire2 HD F7 Racing Quacopter’s camera is an FPV one. If you opt-in for the package that includes the FPV Goggles you will get an unforgettable experience. The FPV camera puts out a resolution of 720p at 120 frames per second. It is a really amazing real-time video transmission resolution. 

TBS Crossfire Receiver

The TBS Crossfire Receiver is compatible with many micro drones on the market. As we can see it is compatible with the Vampire2 HD as well. The main purpose of this long-race receiver is to receive the signals from the controller. After that it will change it into electric pulses. 

Unfortunately, this drone does not come along with a controller. So, you will have to purchase a DJI FPV remote controller separately. The DJI FPV remote controller might be one of the best options for this drone due to the fact that it communicates with the built-in receiver at a minimal latency of 7ms. 

Gemfan 51466 Propeller 

This model of propellers is one of the best choices for any racing drone. The props have a length of 5.1 inches and they weigh 4g each. They can perfectly whip the air below and push the drone forward, offering a great boost of performance. The props are great for freestyle and racing drones because they have low vibration and an excellent balance. We recommend purchasing some extra sets of propellers as a backup because they also have a very affordable price.

TPU Antenna Holder for DJI antenna

In order to get the best signal reception between the drone and your smartphone,  the drone’s antenna should be placed in the best position. The Vampire 2 HD F7 has perfectly positioned antennas that will offer you an optimum signal reception. It will enhance minimally to zero latency for your drone’s FPV transmission. 

50A BLHELI32 ESC Flight Stack

Control algorithms, guidance systems, and the flight controllers of the autonomous drones take part in the drone’s flight stack. The flight stack also contains the estimator. It has the purpose to combine the sensor inputs and then to compute things like distance or altitude. You will also find in the flight stack the mixer, which translates the commands from the controller. 

Flywoo Vampire 2 HD F7 Pros 

  • Really affordable price for a racing quadcopter. Usually, racing quads have a more expensive price.
  • Amazing FPV experience with the goggles. Is a strong competitor for the other drones at a similar price. 
  • Offers a really fast flight. 
  • High-quality built-in components that make it easy to control and very responsive. 
  • It is a ready-to-fly drone. So, you will simply have to add its battery and props and you can start flying it.

Flywoo Vampire 2 HD F7 Cons


  • Short flight time, but usually the racing quadcopters are like that. 
  • Does not come with a controller, so you will have to purchase one.


So, taking into consideration every aspect presented above we can conclude that the Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7 Racing Quadcopter is a really impressive drone that worths its price. Of course, it has some downsides, such as the lack of a remote controller or its flight time. But the benefits and advantages offered by this drone and the flight quality that it has to offer definitely overcomes its downsides. The drone is designed perfectly for the ones who really enjoy racing quadcopters. Because of that, it is made out of amazing built-in components in order to offer an unforgettable flight experience. 

So, if you want to purchase the Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7 Racing Quadcopter you can find it on Banggood.

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flywoo-vampire2-hd-f7-racing-quadcopter-review Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7 Racing Quadcopter Review Just by looking at the Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7 Racing Quadcopter, you can say that it is a really unique and special drone. This small drone is available in two amazing colors, gold or titanium which makes it...


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