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HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV Racing Quadcopter Review


HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV Racing Quadcopter Review

You would think that it is close to impossible to find not only a good drone at an affordable price, but a high quality one, that is also fit for racing. The HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV Racing Quadcopter is here to make you believe in miracles, as it embodies everything you would desire, while being a best friend to your budget.

The Wind5 is released in two versions: the 6S (which we will review today) that has 1600KV motors and the 4S with 2450KV.

Wheelbase size 233 mm/9.2 inches
Weight327.7 g
Camera Caddx Ratel 
Resolution 1200 TVL
Battery6s Lithium Polymer (not included)
Transmitter5.8 GHz 6-band
Motors1600 KV
ControllerForward F7 Dual Flight
TelemetryBetaFlight OSD


The first thing you notice about HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV is the incredibly simple, but modern and sleek design. The combination of colors makes it truly stand out: grayish body and orange blades. Of course, maybe the detail that attracts the most attention are the motor casings, as there are a lot of ventilations, which makes it possible for you to see some interior parts. 

This is not only for the sake of the design, but also for functionality. Such openness makes it easier for the airflow to circulate, keeping the circuits cool while the drone performs.


Also, the casing is made out of carbon. We all know the benefits that come with such material: strength, resilience, and lightweight. This means that you don’t need to worry about any cracks, tears, or scratches when crashes might occur. Also, weight is an important factor for a racing drone. It shouldn’t be too heavy, or it will be slowed down. Therefore, with just a bit of attention and good care, you will have the drone looking as good as new even after months or years of usage. 

Another factor that might catch your eye is the difference between the front and the back arms. The front ones are shorter. This isn’t by chance at all, as this simple design feature also adds to the speed of the drone. It is also creating less drag when the blades start beating. 

As for the flight control system that was mentioned in the specifications table, it is mounted on top of the drone. There you can see a mounting board with holes. 


The camera offers a great FPV experience. This is possible because of the Caddx Ratel camera. It has a 1/ 8 inch HDR starlight sensor, which makes high-quality video shooting possible even in the darkness. The transmission of videos in real-time isn’t a problem, as it is a low latency camera. 

The field of view is 180 degrees wide. This means that not only you will be able to make high-quality videos, but they will also include all the details you might want or need. Also, the video formats are interchangeable between 4 : 3 and 16: 9, depending on your preference. 

Something even better, it is not likely that you will feel the need to make your own camera settings. Many customers approved that everything works great as soon as you take your new acquisition out of the box.

Flight performance

The easiest way to sum it up is, the response time is fast. For example, if you want to test the HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV and you push the throttle, the drone will fly away. This being said, you can’t really rely on the sound either. You barely hear the motors working. In conclusion, this drone shouldn’t be left in the hands of a beginner, at least not without supervision. These quick response times and high speed need to be controlled by someone with experience. Unless you want your drone to become independent. This being said, one thing you shouldn’t worry about is the type of whether you choose to take the drone out for a fly. Thanks to the advanced flight control system, not even the scary wind will shake your quadcopter off its feet.


As we mentioned before about the brushless 1600KV motors, they don’t overheat thanks to the ingenuity of the design. 

Pros vs. cons

We think it is safe to say that for this drone the pros outbalance the cons. Especially because the pros are more numerous. The price is fair considering how robust and how high the quality of the materials used is. Then, the flight experience is simply flawless, not to mention that the settings for this are already perfect.

The only downside is that this drone can not take a bigger battery, but other than this, nothing else to complain about. 

It is hard to believe that all these great performances can be met at a decent price. You can not compare it to anything else on the market. We invite you to test it out and convince yourself. For the best deals, you can visit Amazon or GeekBuying. You will have the best experience possible.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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hglrc-wind5-6s-fpv-racing-quadcopter HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV Racing Quadcopter Review You would think that it is close to impossible to find not only a good drone at an affordable price, but a high quality one, that is also fit for racing. The HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV Racing Quadcopter...


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