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Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter Review

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Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter Review

If you are interested in purchasing a drone that can help you upgrade your piloting skills, practice new amazing stunts, and has an affordable price as well, then your search might stop here. The Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter could be the one you are looking for. 

With a very beautiful design, the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter does not only amaze its user with its power, but it also has a large number of performant features. They will help its user control it easier, and safer. It also comes with intuitive navigation and amazing HD cameras. 

One of the best parts about this quadcopter is that it is very easy to be controlled. Because of that it could be a perfect choice for every beginner drone enthusiast. Due to its pre-programmed flying modes, the drone offers a smooth and precise flight experience, offering great satisfaction.

By following this article you will get to know everything you need about the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter. So, you can figure out if this drone is the right choice for you. We are going to present important details about its packaging, flight performance, camera quality, and other impressive features. So let’s begin. 


One important aspect that anyone should pay attention to before purchasing their drone is its packaging. Luckily the F181W quadcopter has a good amount of accessories to offer. Inside its beautiful personalized box, you will find the drone itself along with its remote controller. You will also get 2 x batteries that will offer you a decent flight time, the blades, the drone’s camera, 2 x charging cables, storage cards, a screwdriver, and the user manual. 

Holy Stone F181W Drone, Packaging accessories remote controller white background

As we can see there is a great number of accessories included in this drone’s packaging. More than that the Holy Stone F181W is an RTF drone. Which means that it comes already assembled. You will only have to connect its batteries, attach its propellers and camera and you can enjoy your flight experience.

Battery Specifications and Flight Time

As we previously said the drone comes along with two batteries, which means that your flight time doubles up. The batteries are 3.7V 750mAh LiPo that will offer you a continuous flight time of around 10 minutes each. So, you will get a total flight time of around 20 minutes. Do you want to get a longer flight time? Then, you can purchase more batteries. Replacing one of the batteries with another one is very easy due to the fact that they are modular ones. 

Built-in Components and Design

Talking about its design, we can say that the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter has an amazing aspect. It looks pretty similar to the Force1 F111 Phoenix Quadcopter. At the first sight, you will see that the drone is well protected from crashes by the propeller guards. They are situated at the end of the drone’s rotor arms. The drone has its own landing feet which will help the drone protect its camera and the bottom side of it as well.

The 720p camera is placed on the front side of the drone offering a wide field of view. You can capture the greatest moments of you, your friends, or your family. More than that, you will also find some LED lights on the drone, that will help you identify the drone when you are flying it in darker areas. 

Camera Quality

The Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter features a decent 720p camera that will help you capture videos at a resolution of 720p. You can capture clear and sharp photos with this camera. Of course the camera is not a professional one, but it is perfect for recording or capturing family events, friend hangouts, or outdoor activities.  The camera features a 120 degree field of view that will help you capture beautiful wide images. 

holly Stone F181W Quadcopter camera 1080p fpv camera 720p camera

The greatest feature of having a camera on a drone is the FPV feature. Helped by the drone’s camera you can enjoy the live video straight on your smartphone via WiFi. in order to do that you will have to download the Holy Stone mobile app and connect it to the drone’s controller. 

Flight Performance

This Quadcopter offers an amazing flight experience, due to its high-quality components. It has an operating range of around 100 meters. It is a good distance comparing it with the other drones at a similar price. More than that the drone features many impressive flight functions that will help its user control it easier.

3D Flips 

A great feature to use in order to impress your audience is the 3D flips. The Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter can flip along all three axes, being a great way of entertainment watching it. Also, you can use this mode to create some interesting shaky videos. 

Headless mode

Is another interesting flight function that will help its user navigate the drone easily. This mode gives the camera the permission to rotate independently from the direction the drone is facing in. 

Altitude hold 

Altitude hold is a great feature to have on a drone. It will help you not only to capture better photos or videos, but it will offer you great help in learning how to control the drone better.  

Six-Axis Gyroscope

A six-axis Gyroscope is a must-have for your drone. Because it will improve your drone’s stability way better even in rough weather conditions. However, the drone’s gyroscope does a great job. You should avoid flying the drone in windy conditions because it has lightweight and its motors are not too powerful to keep it still. 


To sum up, we can say that the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter is a great deal that will make its users fall in love with it for sure. With its wonderful design that keeps it resistant to crashes, its decent camera and its great flight functions, this drone is the perfect choice for every beginner drone enthusiast to start his adventure with. 

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