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MJX V6 Quadcopter Review

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MJX V6 Quadcopter Review

MJX V6 Quadcopter is a great foldable drone that offers an amazingly easy to control flight experience. It also has a 2.7K camera that will help you capture impressive footage. This drone is a perfect choice for every beginner or more experienced drone enthusiast. It offers a large variety of features and impressive functionalities. If the MJX V6 Quadcopter already captured your attention then you should definitely read this article until the end. You are about to find out everything you need to know about this amazing drone. So, let’s begin. 


SizeUnfolded: 400 × 440 × 65mm
Weight540 grams
Camera2.7K (2704×1520)
Gimbal1-axis servo
Image transmission5G WIFI real-time
Active trackingYes
Obstacle avoidanceNo
Max flight speed40 kph
Flight time25-30 min


As we previously said the drone is a foldable one measuring 400 × 440 × 65mm when it is unfolded, 185 × 125 × 65mm when it is folded. It weighs 540 grams, so we can agree that carrying it around from one place to another will definitely not represent any kind of problem for you.

The aircraft has a very stylish design offering it a futurist and professional look. It is also pretty similar to the popular DJI Mavic Mini 2. On the front side of the drone, you will find its incorporated camera. Its camera will help you capture really impressive footage. It also comes with some built-in Bright LED lights that will help you identify the drone in darker places. 

MJX V6 Quadcopter Black Background Flying


The MJX V6 Quadcopter comes with a really impressive battery taking into consideration its market price. It is a 7.6V LiPo battery. It has a capacity of 3400mAh that will offer you a continuous flight time of around 30 minutes. Therefore, By comparing it with the other drones on the market at a similar price range, the MJX V6 Quadcopter offers a really impressive flight time. 

Also, if you are interested in an even longer flight experience, you can opt-in for purchasing another battery. So, your drone’s flight time will double up. The battery is a modular one and because of that you can very easily add or remove it. Modular batteries are also safer to use.


MJX V6 Quadocopter has a 2.7K built-in camera that will help its user in capturing videos at a resolution of 2704 x 1520 with 25 frames per second. The quality of the videos is really impressive capturing a great number of details and its colors are beautiful. Additionally, you can adjust the camera angle to 180-degree, vertically straight from your remote controller. 

MJX V6 Quadcopter Camera White Background

The videos and photos are very clear and without any sort of shakiness. They are stabilized by the drone’s 1-axis servo gimbal. You can also adjust the camera in order to capture your footage from the best angle possible. Another great feature that you can enjoy is the FPV experience. Also, the drone can transmit real-time videos at amazing quality. It has a great connection due to its 5G wifi video transmission technology.

Flight experience 

When it comes to the flight experience, we can say that the MJX V6 Quadcopter is for sure one of the best. You will get a smooth, fast, and easy to control flight due to its brushless motors. They are not only more efficient but also offer more power to the drone, being the motors you can find on a drone. The drone will also withstand level 4 wind. So, you can fly it outside even if the weather conditions are not the most proper ones.

The V6 also comes with a large variety of intelligent modes that will help you increase your control over the drone. They will also help you capture footage at a higher quality. Follow me mode is a very useful mode that will make the drone follow an object and record it. It also features point of interest mode, optical flow positioning, and tap fly as well. In order to make its users take the most out of their flight experience. 

The drone has an impressive control distance of around 1000 meters. Therefore, It is enough for capturing stunning videos or photos and also to enjoy a great flight. 


In conclusion, the MJX V6 Quadcopter is a remarkable drone model that competes strongly with the other drones at a similar price. Because of that, we can that it is a perfect choice for every beginner who wants to start his drone piloting experience. But it can be also a good choice for the more experienced users. Due to its high-quality built-in components and due to its performant specifications.

If you want to buy the MJX V6 Quadcopter you can find it a great price on baggood or on geekbuying.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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mjx-v6-quadcopter-review MJX V6 Quadcopter Review MJX V6 Quadcopter is a great foldable drone that offers an amazingly easy to control flight experience. It also has a 2.7K camera that will help you capture impressive footage. This drone is a perfect choice for every beginner or more...


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