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SJRC F11 Pro 4K Quadcopter Review


SJRC F11 Pro 4K Quadcopter Review

Even though the company is largely known for its toy drones, this model is part of the more serious models category. There are a number of specifications that put the SJRC F11 Pro 4K Quadcopter at the top of its kind: 

Size176x105x80 mm
Weight560 g
Battery3S/2500 mAh
Camera4K, 2-axis gimbal stabilization 
Intelligent Flight ModesYes


SJRC F11 Pro is foldable, which means it is great for travelling, or storing, especially when you don’t have too much space at your disposal. The body is made of ABS plastic, which means that it won’t be affected by any small bumps, but you might need to be careful to not put it through any serious crashes, as there is no guarantee to how much it is able to bear. Speaking of travelling and storing, another thing that will be helpful in this department is the carry case, as it is small, but also has enough space for all the accessories too. 

The only let down so far, but this also depends on everybody’s taste, is the large body which makes the drone not exactly good-looking. Even so, you have the advantage of solidity.


SJRC F11 Pro has brushless motors that are not only powerful, but also more efficient. This way, they last longer and need little maintenance. Also, it is no surprise that they are one of the main reasons the drone can reach up to 40 km/h, which is impressive for a model that isn’t designed for racing.


The camera is a good fit for most people who enjoy flying the drone as a hobby. It has a F2.15 focal length and a 100 degrees field of view. In terms of storing the footage, the drone can accept micro SD cards with a capacity of up to 128MB. The videos can be recorded in 4K, with 30fps. 

The camera’s angle can be controlled through the right shoulder dial knob and you can modify it from straight ahead to ground view, which is great if you are on a hunt for the perfect shot. Through the left shoulder dial, you can get closer to your subject, thanks to the zoom-in function.


In this case, the downside sits in the fact that you can not adjust the camera manually, like controlling the ISO, shutter speed, or f-stop, and therefore, the HDR and RAW capabilities are not available if you want to create a truly cinematic experience through your footage. 


Battery life exceeds most expectations, with a general 25 minute flight time. Of course, this fact can be influenced by a number of things, like the flight mode and style, the outside temperature and the wind conditions. Even so, it is a great time for the deal you get with this drone. Some say that you might even get bored of flying before the battery runs out, which definitely means something to all our drone enthusiasts out there! 

In order to charge it, you need the standard wall plug charger, which comes with the drone. Because the battery last suchs a long time, the charging time for a full battery is also long. Even so, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Simply because this small issue can be fixed by buying extra batteries. They are widely available and also budget-friendly.

Transmitter and Mobile App

The overall thoughts about the transmitter are that it is well made and the design is compact. It functions thanks to an internal battery that can not be changed but charged through USB. One of the well-thought-out features of it is that the bottom arms can be folded. It will offer you a better grip. The antennas can also be folded.

On it you can find: a ”Return to Home” button, automatic landing and launching, a scroll wheel that can change the camera angle. There is another wheel for controlling the speed level and LEDs that will show you different stats. 


Officially, the control range is 1200 m. But it is extremely important to consider that this number is available only when the conditions are perfect. Therefore, we do not advise testing its limits and keeping it at a safe distance. For the FPV mode, the range lowers to 500 m so again. Please be sure to keep it as close to you as possible. 

Speaking of the FPV mode, this is where the mobile app comes in. It is compatible with both Android and iOS and it is updated constantly. Together with FPV, the app also allows you to access all the different intelligent flight modes. Also, you can enable or disable the Beginner mode or the voice prompting, adjust maximum flight distance, the flight and RTH altitude. In addition, the app also stores data about your flights. Therefore, you can review things like the total distance and top speed.

Intelligent Flight Modes

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that SJRC F11 Pro has intelligent flight modes. Considering how advanced it is, therefore, let’s discover what they are and what they mean.

Waypoint: through the app, you can draw a flight path, which will be followed with no mistake by the drone and once it finishes it, it will return back home. This is an easy way to record videos or take beautiful pictures of your favourite places. 

Active track: you can set either something or someone for the drone to follow.

Point Of Interest: by choosing a position on the app, you can the drone orbit it from a radius of 2-10 meters.

Follow Me: the drone is able to connect with your smartphone GPS signal and follow you wherever. You can use this function to record yourself when you are visiting a cool place. So you can show off to your friends in the best way possible. 

It also features

Headless Mode: this mode is perfect for beginners. The controls are simple and straightforward and the orientation of the drone is not a problem.

Gesture Mode: This is something cool that you can now find in many drones. You can take a selfie or record yourself as easily as a hand gesture.

Automatic Return Home: you can bring the drone back home effortlessly, with a simple push of a button. This mode also activates automatically when you lose connection or your battery is running low. 

Dual GPS: through it, the drone can connect to both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. So the signal will be strong wherever you decide to fly. 
So, what do you think? The features aren’t the only great thing about this drone, but also the deal you can get on it. It is simply a high-performance drone for people with a limited budget. What else could you want? You can find it on RcGoing for an incredibly low price.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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sjrc-f11-pro-4k-quadcopter-review SJRC F11 Pro 4K Quadcopter Review Even though the company is largely known for its toy drones, this model is part of the more serious models category. There are a number of specifications that put the SJRC F11 Pro 4K Quadcopter at the top of...


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