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Cheerson CX-95S Quadcopter Review


Cheerson CX-95S Quadcopter Review

If you ever considered entering the world of FPV flying, but you were never really sure where to start, this Cheerson CX-95S Quadcopter model is a great way to initiate. It can also make a great gift for kids, so you get two birds with one stone! Even if your first instinct is to think there is not much to it, don’t be so quick to judge. Instead, take a look at the general specifications it has.

Dimensions100 x 107 x 46 mm
Weight43 gr (battery included)
Battery 1S 400mAh
Charging time40 min.
Flight time4-5 min.
Motor720, coreless
Camera0.3 MP
Flight speed60 km/h


First of all, we have to say it: the design is actually pretty cute. You have the option to choose between three protective canopies, one blue, one green and one orange. We can see, right off the bat, its customizable options. The material is a combination of PC+ABS, a durable plastic, so any possible crashes, which will definitely occur if you are a beginner, will not affect the little but mighty, 3-blade propeller drone. 

It is also ready to fly as soon as you get it out of the box, so you don’t need to make any additional adjustments. This is another great reason why it is a good gift option: you get to see the excitement of the first flight right away. 


Considering how small it is, you can feel free to use it even indoors, when the weather is simply not on your side. It will not be a problem, when you think about the fact that it can be even smaller than a regular piece of fruit and you can easily hold it in the palm of your hand. When you say it like that, a house seems like just enough space to explore. 


The camera isn’t really what you would expect to find on other, bigger and complex quadcopters, but for its purpose and size, a 0.3MP, 120FOV camera seems like a good deal. Cheerson CX-95S Quadcopter also has a 5.8 GHz, 40CH, 25mW video transmitter, which will put the image on your phone’s screen. This is great if you want to make some memories of your latest trip, or you just want to constantly keep an eye  on the drones surrounding areas while flying. The camera is also small enough to not interfere too much with the weight, so the speed will not be affected. 


Flying modes

There are two simple flying modes, each being a perfect fit for either type of pilots: beginners or experienced. The first mode, Stabilized, will assure automatically managed landing and leveling for people who still need to accommodate with flying a drone, letting them focus on more important and basic things first. 

The second mode, Manual, gives full control over the drone, meaning it will do exactly what the pilot commands through the controller. No need to say, this mode is better for someone who knows their way around drones and has enough control over it, so it will not smash it too hard, or too many times. 


One thing worth noticing in this case is Betaflight. If you are wondering what it is, just know that because of it, it is really simple to change any of the drone’s settings, depending on the person flying it on simply on your preferences. This can apply for when the drone is used by multiple people, as every single one of us forms a different flying style over time. Therefore, this is a great feature for beginners, because they can change various settings as they become more and more experienced and they are able to have better control over the quadcopter and develop several skills. In other words, as you grow, the drone grows with you!


All in all, this cute but eager drone can be either a perfect gift for kids who are no longer impressed by remote control airplanes, or just someone who plans to take the world of quadcopters by surprise. Either way, it promises a fun experience which will also be a great base for developing professional flying skills later on, and maybe even participating in FPV races!

Not to mention this is also a truly affordable drone for its specifications. A great model, with great technology, and a great deal! What else could you wish for? If you are already curious enough, we highly recommend getting this drone and learning a thing or two about the excitement of flying one. Take your time learning, and when you are ready, we welcome you with open arms in our community. Here, you are sure to find any information you might need and get inspired by the number of possibilities. Good luck! 

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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cheerson-cx-95s-quadcopter-review Cheerson CX-95S Quadcopter Review If you ever considered entering the world of FPV flying, but you were never really sure where to start, this Cheerson CX-95S Quadcopter model is a great way to initiate. It can also make a great gift for kids, so you...


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