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Eachine Falcon 120 Racing Quadcopter Review


Eachine Falcon 120 Racing Quadcopter Review

Eachine drone Company slowly becomes more and more popular among racing drone enthusiasts. They are coming up with a new drone model almost every month always improving their quality. Eachine Falcon 120 Racing Quadcopter is the smallest brushless drone ever created by Eachine.

Don’t be fooled by this small drone’s size because due to its brushless motors this drone is very powerful. It is recommended for indoor flights and to be piloted by ones with some previous experience in drone piloting. 

If this drone already captured your attention, then you should follow this article until the end. Because we are to present you every important small aspect which makes this drone special. 


The Eachine Falcon 120 Racing Quadcopter comes with a great quality and solid equipment that will offer you all you need to make the drone fly. Inside its beautiful branded box you will find the the drone itself along with its SeriouslyPro F3 Flight Controller. You will also find the Racerstar 1306, 3500KV Motors that will provide an amazing flight. 2 pairs of black and red racekraft propellers, a 200 mW 40ch 5.8ghz VTX, a CMOS 700TVL camera and a 20A 2-4s 4in1BLheli ESC are also included in its package. 


The RTF kit also provides some extra components such as: the B3 charger, a 3s 850mAh battery, FS-A8S 8CH PPM, an 18CH receiver and the FlySky FS-i6 2.4ghz transmitter. 


The VTX and the Camera are very similar to the ones used for othe Falcon drones. The FPV camera offers a great quality, its colors being natural. In order to select the VTX channels you will have to use the small button which is situated on the side. It is an adjustable camera and because of that it will offer you the best angels of view. 

The camera measures 32 x 32 x 23.5mm, it weights 12 grams only and it is situated on top of the quadcopter making the drone very stable. The video transmitting range is somewhere around 300 meters on 40ch. 


The Falcon 120 has a very interesting smart design that for sure will capture anyones attention. It is a very compact drone with a joyfull appearance due to its beautifully colored components. Beaing a quadcopter it has for rotor arms each one of them ending up with a brushless motor on top. Its camera is situated on top of the drone offering perfect view. Its frame has a black color and with some small touches of red. 

Eachine-Falcon-120-Racing-Quadcopter-RTF- sand-dunes

This small drone measures only 120mm and because of that we can recommend it more for indoor flying. And it weighs just 0,214 kg. The great thing about this drone’s frame is that it includes foam cutout in order to boost its crash resistance. It is made out of carbon fiber increasing its robustness. The frame also has an attached 7 colour LED panel that will help you identify the drone easier when you are flying it in darker areas. 

Flight Experience

When it comes to the flight experience we can say that the Falcon 120 is designed for more experience users but it can be used for the beginner users also. Due to its power brushless motors the provides an amazingly fast flight. It has a flight range of 1000 meters which is a pretty impressive flight distance. 

Its is a perfect drone for indoor flying, being very responsive and easy to control. For beginners it is recommended to practice with a 2/3s battery at lower yaw rates and as they become they can step up for a 4s battery. The FPV experience is amazing especially with the FPV google, helping you het unforgefull moments.  

Eachine Falcon 120 Racing Quadcopter also comes with some really interesting safety features. The FailSafe procedure is a great feature that will keep the users safe. Falcon 120 also comes with a buit-in  warning system that will make you aware when the drone’s battery is low or it signal is about to get lost. By knowing that you can fly it more carefully and without worrying about loosing your quad. The drone can also perform amazing stunts in order to impress its audience, creating an amazing atmosphere. 


In conclusion, based on what we saw above, the Eachine Falcon 120 Racing Quadcopter is an amazing drone that comes with high quality built in components. It has an eye-cathing design and a smart look that will make you love it. Its camera is great and it offers a really decent FPV experience. And by taking into consideration its price and by comparing it with the other drone’s at similar price available on the market we can conclude that the Falcon 120 is a really great deal. 

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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