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JJRC H6C Quadcopter Review


JJRC H6C Quadcopter Review

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Summary of the review

JJRC H6C Quadcopter is for those who want a modern gadget, high in demand, but at the same time to have decent size and acceptable price. This small drone which comes at a reasonable price can help you acquire high-quality recordings. If you want to record video or just take pictures, you must follow the JJRC H6C Quadcopter Review until the end because this model will prove to be exactly what you need.


Flying drones are a good acquisition for the photography addicts or simply for those who want to see a bird’s point of view. JJRC H6C Quadcopter is a small size drone, light and easy to use, also available at a very good price. JJRC is a chinese manufacturer who made themselves known in the business through their wide range of products for all categories of users, no matter the level of skill nor budget. 

First of all, it is imperative to mention that using drones in some countries is strictly reglemented. This means that you might have to register your drone at the authorised entity.  



JJRC H6C is a drone equipped with a camera of small dimension which is capable of filming and taking pictures. This model measures only 135mm lat, 135mm long ,35mm height and only 50 grams of weight. The flying system weighs only 37grams, at this it is added 10 grams for the battery and 3grams for the protective frame. The result is incredible. Of course,  such a lightweight drone will not be able to carry a large camera if you desire to attach an external one. 

The camera has good stability and delivers HD quality image. Pictures and videos are automatically stored in a memory card.


The design comes straight out of a Sci-fi movie, the drone looks like a futuristic flying rig which is ready for action. The drone case is made out of hard plastic. It is completely black. This model has a 6-axis gyroscope and has 4 flight modes. It is highly resistant and has good protection against impacts. 

Flight Performance

JJRC H6C Quadcopter can fly up to a distance of  300 meters (328 yards). The radio controller is the one that helps you controll the drone. This radio controller looks and functions just like a video game console controller. Thus your video game experience can prove to be handy. The controller has a frequency of 2.4 Ghz.

This model can change direction very easily and without complex moves. All that while having your needed flying information displayed on your screen.

I offers a continous flight time of around 7 minutes. It is sustained by a 3.7V 350mAh Li-Po acumulator. 

A very attractive thing about the JJRC H6C model is that it comes with a whole package of accessories. Specifically the package includes the drone itself and the camera, a microSD card and a card reader. It also contains a radio controller, protection frame, and spare propellers, as well as the battery and a charger.

The JJRC H6C is a very affordable drone. This is an excellent choice for beginners, offering attractive equipment for practice and also not being a consistent investment. The drone is very small, light and agile. Despite its small size, it has a very good resistance and will not be affected by strong blows. Whether it is entering a wall or falling to the ground. The package offered includes all the necessary accessories for use.

More features

  • 6-axis gyroscope system
  • HD Camera with 2 mil pixels for aerial photography;
  • LED Lights for night flight;
  • Anti-interference remote controller. Even if more than the same JJRC H6C model is flying at the same time, they will not interfere with each other’s radio frequency.
  • Flight functions: raise/down, forwards/backwards, turning left/right, hovering and 360 degree rotating;
  • The JJRC H6C is durable and well protected;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor fly;
  • Battery charging time: 1 hour;
  • Battery for the radio controller: 4 x AA Battery;
  • Storage: 2GB microSD card;

What comes in the box:

  • The Quadcopter
  •  Transmitter
  • USB charging cable
  • card reader
  • 2Gb sd card
  • 4 spare propellers
  • Adapter Ring
  • Propeller Removal Tool


  • Dimensions (with protective casings): 135 x 135 x 35 mm
  • Power Supply: Li-Polymer battery 3.4V 370mAh
  • Flying time: about 7 minutes
  • Charging time: 50-60 minutes
  • Range: 50 m
  • Transmitter [2,4GHZ]: 4 channels, 300 meters range

Remote control

  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Number of Channels: 4
  • Power supply: 1.5V AA batteries


  • Nr. of megapixels: 2 MP
  • Video Res: 1280×720 (720p)


JJRC H6C has many pros, with no noticeable cons. Low price, and the ability to shoot videos and pictures with the built-in camera, makes this model very attractive. So if you are searching for a cheap and decent quality drone, look no further, this model will prove to be perfect for you.  If you are looking to grab one here and here are the links to some online shops which offer credibility . If you want to know more or just want some user reviews you can access this link.

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jjrc-h6c-quadcopter-review JJRC H6C Quadcopter Review Summary of the review 1 Overview 2 More features 3 What comes in the box: 4 Specifications 5 Remote control Camera Conclusions 6 Summary of the review JJRC H6C Quadcopter is for those who want a modern gadget, high in demand, but at the same time to have decent size...


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