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JJRC H71 Quadcopter Review


JJRC H71 Quadcopter Review

On the list of quality drones that have a price range lower than 100$ and also well thought-out features, you can definitely add the JJRC H71 Quadcopter. Over the past few years, the company has produced many great drones, from both categories: budget and high-end, and they never fail to impress. This record will not stop here, as the model we are about to review only brings the tradition forward and once again proves that quality and a low price can be put together. First off, let’s look at the general specifications.

Size22 x 23.5 x 3.5 (unfolded)16 x 7 x 3.5 (folded)
Weight126 gr
Camera1080p, wide angle
Battery3.7V, 1000mAh, LiPo
Flight timeApprox. 11 minutes
Charging timeApprox. 2 hours


This ready to fly model enters the pocket drone category, simply because it is so lightweight and also flat and small when folded that it can easily fit in a medium-sized pocket. Therefore, it is extremely easy to travel with, especially considering it comes with a black carry case. It can be zipped and it also has the beautiful JJRC logo on the bottom. We dare say that this drone travels with style!

The overall design can only be appreciated. A slim body which gives off a modern feel, together with the LED lights which can be found on the front and also the back. They also contribute to the easy spotting of the drone, especially if you enjoy flying when the sun starts to go down. 

The materials that have been chosen for this drone are ABS/PS, which are a common thermoplastic polymer, known for the resistance to shock. Therefore, a few crashes here and there will not affect the body of your drone. 



You can find the HD camera on the nose of the JJRC H71 Quadcopter, and you can manually tilt it at 90 degrees, for better viewing angles, which you can really benefit from considering the wide-angle lens. The videos and images are good for the price, but you shouldn’t expect a Cannes quality. Even so, the camera is perfect if you want to just store some memories or impress your friends and family with the photos and videos you took on your holiday, thanks to the barometer altitude hold and optical flow positioning functions. The optical flow can prove to be highly useful for selfies, low altitude filming and indoor flying.


In the package you get a 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Controller with a control distance of 100 meters and a WiFi distance of 50 meters. It resembles a video games controller, and falls in the middle category when it comes to appearance. Even so, it is practical, as the controls are easy to identify and you also have the option to attach your smartphone, thanks to the designated holder. It works with 4 AA batteries, but unfortunately they are not included. Therefore, don’t forget to buy some before your first fly test. 

Flight performance

JJRC H71 Quadcopter maintains a steady altitude, while also being able to hover accurately, without any issues. The transmission distance we just mentioned, between 80 to 100 meters, is generally available in good weather, but it can lower to 50 if you use the FPV mode and the app works properly. Speaking of the weather, considering how small and lightweight this quadcopter is, you might want to avoid flying it in windy conditions, especially if you are a beginner. This is just an advice if you don’t want to witness your drone flying further and further away from you, without being able to control it. 

You might have noticed that we used the phrase if ”the app works properly”. This is because some people complained that it seems to crash quite frequently, hence the low rating. Even so, when the app does actually work like it is supposed to, you can enjoy a decent FPV experience. All we can hope is that they remediate this issue as soon as possible! 

Flying modes

Maybe you wouldn’t expect a drone as cheap as this one to be able to perform different features, but the H71 is here to impress. This being said, here are the modes you can use: altitude hold, which maintains a stable altitude during flight and also while it is hovering, thanks to the internal barometer; headless mode, a great feature for beginners, which makes the drone respond to the exact commands made from the controller, without taking into consideration the orientation of the drone, only the perspective of the pilot; one-key-return, which is also useful for beginners, making it hard to lose the drone. Another simpler function that makes the operating of the quadcopter easier is the one-key taking off/landing. 

I would like to know…

Will I be able to put in an SD card to record a video?

No. JJRC H71 Quadcopter does not support the inserting of a storage card. The videos and photos you will take will be saved on your smartphone if you connect it to the drone through the available app.

How do I connect the JJRC TST app to the drone?

By following these steps:

  1. Turn on the drone and make sure the battery is fully charged
  2. Search the ”JJRC-######” WiFi connection on your smartphone and connect to it
  3. Start the app, select the H71 mode and press connect

There you go!

Which one does the job better? The phone or the remote controller?

We usually recommend using the controller, as it is easier for the pilot to get used to it and therefore, control the drone more confidently. 

What is the role of the optical flow positioning?

It keeps the drone stable in the current position, without any sliding to a certain side when it reaches a higher altitude. 

Is the app available in English?

Yes, but you need to download it from the Play Store or App Store. The website mentioned in the directions will take you to an app in Chinese.

If I have two of these drones, will the remotes conflict with each other?

No, unless the pilots try to calibrate multiple drones at the same time.

Can the drone be paired with an iPod?

Considering it can pair with an iPhone, it should be able to connect with an iPod too, if you can download the app.

Are the motors brushless?


The JJRC H71 package includes:

  • RC quadcopter (battery included)
  • Remote controller
  • Photo mount
  • Protective guard
  • Propeller tool
  • USB charger cable
  • 4 backup propellers
  • Instruction manual

In conclusion, JJRC H71 Quadcopter is very beginner-friendly, with a low price, but also highly qualitative. It can be great either as a gift for yourself or someone you knew wanted to learn how to fly a drone for a long time. Also, it can act as a pioneer in drone filming, if you want to acquire a skill in this field in the future. You can find it for an amazing deal on Amazon. We wish you a safe flight and we can not wait to hear your opinion on the functions of this great drone!



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