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MJX Bugs 3 Pro Quadcopter Review

MJX-Bugs-3-pro- Quadcopter

MJX Bugs 3 Pro Quadcopter Review

If you are a fan of the MJX brand and looking for a GPS drone at an affordable price, you’ve come just to the right place. The MJX Bugs 3 Pro Quadcopter comes as the upgraded version of the Bugs 3, which means that alongside the already great features of the Bugs 3, there is also altitude hold and GPS. Let’s look at the specifications for a better idea:

Size (L x W x H)41 x 41 x 15 cm
Weight1,05 kg
Motors2204 1500 Kv, brushless
Battery/ life2,800mAh 2S LiPo/ 15 min.
Charge timeApprox 240 min.
CameraSpecialized action camera mount 
TransmitterDedicated physical transmitter
Flight time22 min.
Flight range600-800 m
SensorsBarometer, accelerometer, 6-axis gyro, GPS/GLONASS, battery voltage sensor
Special featuresAltitude hold, 3 types of RTH, headless mode


This might be the first feature we need to discuss, as it can raise some questions. The idea is that this drone comes in a few different packages. One of them doesn’t come with a camera, just a designated action camera mount, where you can put (almost) any type of camera you want. The compatible models include a couple MJX cameras, all 8 MP HD like the C4000, which films in 1080p, the C5000 in 720p with built-in 5G WiFi or the C6000 which also films in 1080p and has built-in WiFi. Also, if you prefer something else, you also have the possibility to add a GoPro, or basically any other similar action camera which can have any features you might enjoy, like thermal vision


There are two other options, a package with a 720p camera, which some people don’t recommend, or a 1080p one, which is better. Therefore, you can decide for yourself what fits your needs best.


The motors found on this drone are brushless, MT2204, 1500Kv. They prove to be highly efficient, while also incredibly lightweight. Also, they are quite powerful too, with up to 230g of upward lift, they have no problem taking the action camera along. 

Another impressive factor is that they have a unique motor braking system, which makes sure that your flights will be event-less, while also protecting the motor.


For the price of the Bugs 3 Pro, you would expect 2S, low capacity, C rating batteries. Well, MJX doesn’t fail to surprise us in this category either, as the drone comes with a 2,800mAh 2S LiPo battery. It also has a unique package design, which is meant to add to the safety of the battery.


In comparison to the MJX Bugs 3 , this transmitter has 2 foldable antennas, while the button layout didn’t suffer any drastic modification. Still, the biggest and most noticeable change is the overall design, which shifted from a boxy one to a more rounded, sporty one. 

The controls have a few different functions, like the automatic takeoff/landing. When you activate this command, if your drone is on the ground, it will automatically take off, while if it is in the air, it will gently land. Also, the RTH button activates a RTH mode, and you can also find an on/off switch for the GPS.


When it is turned off, the drone will be slightly faster and will consume less battery, but because it will rely only on its barometer readings, it won’t be as stable. On the other hand, if your GPS is turned on, you will benefit from a much higher accuracy, stability and RTH wise. Another important button is the on/off one for the headless mode. When it is turned on, the drone will follow the instructions from your point of view, without taking into consideration its own orientation. This feature is great for beginners, as it lowers the chances of wreckage. 

Flight Modes

Smart RTH

When the GPS signal is available (this means more than 7 satellites available) and the home point is recorded, you can simply press the button and the drone will fly back to the designated location. During this mode, you can still use the controller to guide the drone around any possible obstacles. To turn off the mode and regain control of the drone, you simply press the button again.

Failsafe Return

Similar to the Smart RTH mode, the drone will fly back to the last location registered as the home point if it loses signal from the controller for more than 6 seconds. If you regain the signal, pressing the RTH button will give you back the control.

Low Voltage RTH

If your battery percentage is low, red lights will flash slowly on the back of your drone. A low battery icon will appear on the LCD screen of the transmitter and a steady ”beep beep” will be heard. In these conditions, if the drone has an altitude of over 100 m or it is further than 300 m, the RTH function will be activated immediately. Also, if the drone is higher or further than just 15 meters, it will just land on the ground automatically. 

Point of Interest

By choosing a certain area, building, or object, you can make the drone fly clockwise around it at a certain distance, helping you capture breathtaking views.

Waypoints Flight

By drawing a route on the APP interface, the drone will automatically follow the said route. It will even avoid any obstacles it might encounter along the way. If you change your mind about the path, you simply draw another line. 

Barometer Altitude Hold

If you want to capture pictures of a certain area, the drone can remain at a steady altitude while hovering. To do so, after the signal connection is successful, you simply need to push the throttle then release it. The drone will start hovering perfectly. Therefore, you will no longer need to hold the control stick, so you can freely capture images.


All in all, considering all the safety features it has, this drone can be easily used by beginners. You will not have to worry that it might end up in bits and pieces. Also, it is great for recording and photographing purposes, as you can choose what kind of camera you want. You also have all the incredible flying modes which will definitely aid the situation. The only downside might be that there is no gimbal present. But even so, considering how stable the drone is, you don’t necessarily need it. On top of all this, the price tag won’t make you have any second thoughts. You can get it for a great offer from Amazon

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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mjx-bugs-3-pro-quadcopterreview MJX Bugs 3 Pro Quadcopter Review If you are a fan of the MJX brand and looking for a GPS drone at an affordable price, you've come just to the right place. The MJX Bugs 3 Pro Quadcopter comes as the upgraded version of the...


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